7 Facts That Will Make You Want To Visit The Grand Mosque Of Muscat

The affordable Oman Air tickets price make you able to see the Islamic modern architectural beauty. “The Sultanate Qaboos Grand Mosque” Muscat. That is located in the Muscat and was open to the public in 2001. This iconic Grand mosque is spanning at the approximately 102 acres. That was built with the 300,000 tons of white Indian sandstone’s in the square shape. Along the 5 minarets, which representing the five pillars of Islam.

However, it is one of the largest mosques in the Persian Gulf, and the only mosque in the capital of Oman open to all beliefs (Non Muslims are allowed too in the Mosque). Almost, 20.000 worshippers easily accommodate in this spectacular mosque because the main prayer hall can hold over 6,500 worshippers, and the female’s prayer hall can accommodate 750 worshipers at a same time.

The outside paved area can carry about 8,000 worshipers, while with an additional usable area for prayer in the interior courtyard and the corridors, making a total capacity up to 20,000 worshipers.

The visitors or the worshipers can become the witness of the world. The second largest Persian carpet and the second largest indoor chandelier. It’s not enough, in fact, this unique mosque has further seven unique architectural gems. Or facts that force you to come and visit this jaw-dropped Grand mosque during the Muscat travel.

Elegant hand-woven carpet:

The Sultan Qaboos is must included in the every visitor travel itinerary, either they Muslims or Non-Muslims. This mosque has the marvelous collection of carpet. That is considered the world’s second largest single piece of praying carpet with the measuring of 70 by 60 meters. Along with the weighs of 21 tones, it has 28 colors that display the various shades and almost 1,700,000,000 knots. Which covers around 4,343 square meter area of the prayer hall.

Art and Interior:

The interior walls are also adorned with the colorful mosaic pattern and precious stone work. The Mosque’s main hall is totally covered with the dark grey and white marble. While these are decorated with murals of leafy patterns and geometrical designs.

The dome of this mosque is constructed in the spherical triangle shape that renowned with the porcelain panels. The timber panels are referring to the Omani architectural tradition. A corridor extends with both the north and south walls and opens into the mosque’s beautiful hall.

Embellished chandelier:

The man prayer hall is embellished with the wonderful chandelier. That is embroidered with the 600,000 piece of Swarovski crystal and more than 20-carat gold plating. Apart from the giant chandelier, almost 34 small ones of the same designs hung in different zones of the mosque. Therefore, it takes four years to complete.

When the mosque was being built, this chandelier was the largest one on the planet. With the measurement of 45 feet tall and 26 feet wide. When you will enter in the Grand Mosque, your eyes automatically guided to the ceiling. And force the praising for this Chandelier hangs high.

Great hospitality:

The Omani women are very kind and hospital. You might be surprised when you will see the Omani women offering the dates and coffee to you or the visitors. But don’t be surprised and grab this opportunity and ask them about the Oman culture, traditions and life. They will be sharing with you all cultural information happily.

Welcome all beliefs:

The Sultan Qaboos mosque is the only mosque in Oman that welcomes all beliefs. So, if you are Muslim or not, but you can enter in this mosque to explore its traditional. And glamorous beauty even so, be aware about the rules and ritual when you will enter in the holy mosque.

Avoid to eating and sleeping in the praying hall, avoid making noise. And child under age of 10 are not allowed into the prayer hall. These rules give the quiet and peaceful experience to you and your soul.

Dress code:

Before enter in the mosque should be check your dress outlook. Because the mosque rules are strict about the dress code too. The men and women should wear the long dresses that cover their arms, legs and body. While the females need to cover the hairs with dupatta or the piece of clothes.

Library filled with knowledge:

The Oman’s astonishing mosque has the feature that attracts the tourists from all over the world. While it has all the facilities, which tourist attraction should have. Along with the above marvelous feature, this mosque also have the Library that having the about 20,000 books. You can enjoy the walk around the library and outer corridor by seeing the artwork.

Just book the only tickets through one of the registered travel agents. And land at the Muscat international airport to stroll at this Grand Mosque and meet the spiritual love and peace.

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