6 Common Health Problems in Cats- Bengal Kittens for Sale in Pa

Cats are the most preferred choice as pet animals. These little feline creatures are quite adorable and make lifelong companions. People are fond of keeping different unique cat breeds. Nowadays, searching for a suitable pet animal is quite easy. For example, you can simply search for Bengal kittens for sale in PA and can find hundreds of available options on the internet. These cat breeds have distinctive physical and behavioral attributes. The choice of a particular cat breed depends upon one’s personal choice. Besides cat breeds, several other things can affect the selection of a pet cat. These include the current lifestyle, existing pets at home, and the kind of interaction you want with your pets.

Common feline health problems

Cats are low-maintenance animals that make one of the most favorite pet animals. But they may develop certain problems over a period of time. Thus, the owner should be able to identify the common health problems to timely address the issue. Some of the common cat health issues are:


One of the most common health issues with cats is vomiting which occurs as a result of multiple health problems. Vomiting can result from eating something poisonous, infection, urinary tract problems, and diabetes. Vomiting can leave the cat dehydrated and other signs and symptoms can include drooling and abdominal heaving. If the situation continues you need to cat the vet right away so he can diagnose the exact reason behind the problems.

Feline low urinary tract diseases (FLUTD)

This is another group of feline illnesses with multiple health problems. It usually occurs in cats that are overweight, have little or no outdoor access, and eat dry foods. The cats suffering from the disease may develop painful and frequent urination as well as blood in the urine. This condition usually affects the urethra and bladder of cats. Some of the signs and symptoms of the disease are

  • Straining to urinate
  • Blood in urine
  • Licking genital area
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of appetite
  • Crying while urinating
  • Frequent and prolonged urination


Another common health problem associated with pet cats is fleas. Cats are good groomers but they can still catch the parasite. Cat fleas are often indicated as scratching and overgrooming that can cause bald patches on the skin. Besides this, cats can also have scabs and sore areas if they develop flea allergies. If the cat fleas persist, the cat can be at risk of developing anemia and prone to further infestations. Flea treatments include oral and topical medications, as well as several home remedies, are also used.


One of the most commonly encountered cat health problems is diarrhea in cats that can be quite dangerous. The most common causes behind this include intestinal parasites, spoiled food, liver diseases, allergies, etc. Diarrhea is usually characterized by watery or liquid cat stools and it can last from days to months. You can try several home remedies but the problem persists as indicated by vomiting, bloody or dark-colored stools immediately contact your vet.

Eye problems

Cats can have several eye problems such as conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma. Besides these other causes of cat eye problems are trauma, ulcers, infections, inflammations, and other diseases, etc. You can easily indicate these problems by visualizing watery eyes, cloudiness, squinting, red and white eyelid linings, gunk in the eye corners, or a visible eyelid.


Another common feline health problem is the tapeworms residing inside the cats that can grow up to 2 feet. Tapeworm tends to reproduce inside the body of the cat and can be indicated by sudden weight loss and vomiting. Tapeworms can be indicated in a cat’s feces as well as around its anal area.

Bengal kittens for sale in PA

Cats make the perfect feline companion but can suffer from several health issues that need to be immediately addressed. You can also prevent these issues by getting pets from the facilities that are offering health insurance. If you are looking for healthy Bengal kittens with health guarantees, you can get them from Willow Dreams Bengals.

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