5 Ways to Create Gorgeous Cookie Boxes at Home

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Cookies are considered as a sign of love and help to make someone feel special. Cookies are an incredible gift for those who communicate with you on a daily basis like teachers, friends, business partners, etc. In many families, it is considered as the holiday tradition. On every holiday family gathers, make delicious cookies and, serve them in homemade boxes. Baking the cookie is just half fun and the other half lie in their presentation of these cookies. Some simple crafting skills can make your day more special and you can also apply these techniques when you want to gift cookies to someone.

Keep in mind that you should wrap your cookies first with tissue paper and then place them in a box to prevent them from damage. You can also use the partitions to prevent their break down during the journey. Let’s take a tutorial on how to make a cookie box at home.

Make Cookie Box With Cardboard

To start making your cookie box take a piece of 8.5×8.5 dimension which when complete makes the dimension of 4.5×4.5. Take a pencil and scale and draw the lines of one niche from the borders on every side of the piece. Then, draw two lines one inch apart from each other in the middle of the cardboard and cut all the crossing lines from the boundaries. Now fold the cut edges and glued them together giving it the shape of the cookie box. You can also add a hole on the lid and cover it with the plastic sheet to make it more gorgeous. Making the simple cardboard box is not enough you should decorate it to make it more worthy. In some simple ways, you can make your box gorgeous at home.

Cardboard Box with tissue Flower

The cookie packaging is very exciting and interesting you just apply some artistic techniques and your simple homemade box can convert into a brand box. Just make the flower with the help of tissue paper and when your flower is ready pinch two holes on the top of the box and strings the pipe cleaner from the flower through and secure the opposite side of the lid. You can now paint the box in contrast with the color of your flowers.

Window Box with triangular paper Beads

You can make a window in your box to give it a catchy look. It is up to your choice that you want a clear plastic sheet on your window or colored. The window is not enough to give the complete look to your gift cookie box so to add some more glamour use the triangular paper beads. They are so simple to make there is no need for glue to make it. Just fold the paper into proper shape and it is ready to use.

Die-cut box with 3D stickers

When you are running the business of cookie boxes wholesale at a small scale then you have to make the bulk of boxes on a low budget to earn more. There is no need to worry anymore, just use this mind-blowing idea to stand out your cookie boxes. While you are making cookie boxes make a proper die cut with the machines and adjust the size according to the cookies. When your box is ready then paint it beautifully and adorn it with some 3D stickers. It is the most simple and timeless way to decorate your box.

Slide-in Cookie Boxes with Glitter Dots

Just like sleeve boxes these boxes have small sizes. These boxes are also very easy to create you just have to form an inner tray with the cardboard and then make the other shell of the box according to the size of the inner tray. To make your slide inbox more gorgeous you can make glitter dots of multiple colors or you can select the color which is trending according to the fashion. You can make different shapes with this glitter on your box. It is the most exciting way to make your box gorgeous at home.

Custom partition box with chain beads

The partitions in the cookie boxes are trending nowadays because of several reasons, it is the most commonly used cookie box USA. You can easily make partition by cutting the small pieces of cardboard relevant to the size of the box. Place the pieces of cardboard into the box and your custom partition cookie box is ready. Now for the purpose of its decoration, you can use your old beaded chain. Use the beads to decorate the box and then tie golden ribbon bow and it is done.

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