5 Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Home

The year 2020 changed a lot of things for the entire world; one of the most important being our cleaning habits. With the spread of Covid-19 in recent times, many have altered their daily cleaning routines as a precaution against the virus, especially in homes and offices. And to help you do the same, we have a small, 5 step guide that will not only let you sanitize your home in the best possible way with the help of bi weekly house cleaning Newport Beach CA, but will also allow you to help others do the same. So, let us get to it!

Step 1: Get Your Cleaning Supplies

It is obvious, to clean you will need cleaning supplies. Do not have any? Worry not, because you can simply order them online and they will get delivered right at your doorstep as soon as possible. Not only that, you can also make your own bleach disinfectant at home using simple products that are generally available in all homes. And once you have you cleaning solutions ready, it is time to make sure that you wear your mask and gloves while cleaning along with opening up the windows to allow for some ventilation to take place.

Step 2: Make Sure You Clean the Most Used Surfaces

Doorknobs, cupboard handles, light switches, side tables, electronics, whatever it is, make sure that you wipe down all those surfaces that are used the most in around you on a daily basis. Use disposable cloth rags to swipe away all the germs over the floor and also on any surface around you. One of the main reasons to do this is the fact that Covid-19 has been reported to exist of surfaces for several days, hence it is important to take care of all around you.

Step 3: Wash Fabrics Regularly

Invest in detergents and cleaning supplies for clothes and other fabricated materials around the house that are effective against Covid-19. Make sure that each time you come home from outside, you immediately change your clothes, separating the ones you took off and putting them away separately to be washed. This helps to avoid bringing in any germs from the outside. And while you are cleaning your house, make sure you clean all couches and chairs too along with replacing towels in the house regularly.

Step 4: Wipe Down the Floor Again

Once you are done with cleaning everything in the house, it is important to clean the floor once again with a disinfectant to get rid of any remaining germs that might be present.

Step 5: Clean Yourself

That is right, the last thing you need to do is dispose of your gloves, mask and clothes properly before thoroughly washing yourself in the shower. Maintain proper hygiene at all times by washing hands and using sanitizers when needed. Also, avoid sharing household items with other family members to avoid any potential risk. And this one step should be followed specifically when you have to sanitize the office. In this mean the commercial office cleaning services Newport Beach CA could serve you or be present in any other public place.

And now you are all set. These steps can be used effectively and efficiently to sanitize building of any kind to make sure that the place is kept neat and clean with little to no presence of any harmful thing. Also, while you are at it, make sure that your cleaning supplies are proven to be effective against Covid-19 to get the best possible results. And do not forget to keep some ventilation going while you do the cleaning! Now, go and disinfect your house or office in the best way possible!

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