5 Simple Ways To Pack Your Sprinter Van For Next Adventure Trip

Transitioning into van life comes with its set of difficulties, especially for people living in large spaces. Whether you plan a weekend getaway or heading on a full-time globe-trotting expedition in your sprinter van, packing is one hurdle that upsets many travel enthusiasts.

You are reading this article right now because you want to excel in the art of packing camper vans for road trips. Smart and effective packing ensures smooth and safe traveling, so make sure to plan your packing process days ahead of your road trip. 

Most people commit the mistake of winging it when it comes to packing. Doing so will only leave them stressed at the last moment, which may further lead to any other snags. It’s better to pack all the essential items and regular medications first, so you don’t forget them. Make sure to carry a roof rack for your next trip to sleep better and comfortably in the cold winters. Let’s look at the five simple ways of packing a sprinter van.

Use packing cubes for clothes.

The first and foremost way to effectively pack for a road trip is by using compressible packing cubes for your clothes. Remember, you will be living in less than 100 sq. ft for the next few days or weeks, so it’s better to carry lesser and lighter clothes instead of heavy ones.

They will easily fit in the packing cubes and will not take up much space in the sprinter van. However, apart from the packing cubes, you can pack heavy clothes such as winter essentials in a travel backpack for men or women.

Remember, do not use any suitcases for your luggage as they take up too much space. Packing your clothes in separate packing cubes also helps you find specific outfits easily.

Analyze and pack the heavy items first.

Before you start packing, it is always better to gather all your luggage in one place and analyze what fits where. Do not start piling up things in a hasty manner, as that will eat up the cargo space and hampers the safety of the passengers as well.

Start packing the heavy luggage first so that it sits on the bottom of the cargo space. You can then start arranging the lighter luggage on top of the heavy ones. Doing so will also help you to lower the center of gravity and reduce any burden on the wheels.

If you place the heavy luggage last, it may cause an accident as it may slide into motion due to sudden movement and brakes. 

Organize staples and food items in tubs.

If you have a couple of sturdy tubs with a tight lid, then it is better to use them for packing edibles and spices, etc. If you don’t have them, it’s better to purchase a few. That way, you do not have to worry about any spillage and cargo space as well.

Make sure that the tubs are of the same size to effortlessly place, one above the other. Staying organized with your luggage helps you tremendously during your camping expedition.

You can easily find whatever you are looking for without having to go through the hassle of unpacking the entire luggage to find it. Make sure to check whether the tubs fit easily in your sprinter van and pack accordingly.

Position the luggage in terms of accessibility.

Apart from taking up too much space and piling up unevenly, it is difficult to access any essential items in transit. Think twice and start by packing the things that you will not frequently access during the road trip.

That way, you can position the essentials on the top where you can easily access them without having to disturb the entire luggage.

The items that you will use the most during the journey and first day of your camping trip should always be on the top. That includes any clothes, food items, and utensils required for cooking, etc. 

Keep it light and low.

Remember that your sprinter van might already have additional items that increase the overall weight, so it is crucial to pack only the essential stuff. The best category where you can cut down stuff is clothing.

So ask yourself whether you need that extra sweatshirt and eliminate it if the answer is no. If you are carrying a rooftop tent on the roof racks, you may or may not have any left out space for the cargo on top.

If you do, then use it wisely and not pile up the luggage, increasing the vehicle’s height. Use the extra space on the roof racks to carry any lightweight sports gear. Remember, roof racks come with a maximum weight limit, so be mindful.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure that you have enough time for packing the camper van. That way, there is room for any trial and error without any stress. Now that you know how to pack your camper or sprinter van effectively for your next adventure do not forget to carry the camping essentials, such as torch lights, water cans, bottle and can openers, etc. Be creative and experiment with all the luggage, and you will master the art of packing overtime. 

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