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5 Reason Why You Should Start Vlogging in 2020

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Internet social networks are revolutionizing the way people communicate. The use of vloggers and bloggers plays a special role in creating opinions and exchanging information, which can ultimately alter the way we think about certain things, a powerful tool in today’s society (Gliwa & Zygmunt, 2015 ).

This has created a whole new level of marketing your product and gaining brand recognition. Word of mouth (WOM), also known as ‘word of mouth marketing’ can be used to create a conversation about products and services, marketers will encourage and facilitate WOM by making sure influencers know the good qualities of the service or product (Chaffey & Ellis -Chadwick, 2012 p536), and according to Morris (2013), it is more credible than advertisements!

So to create a buzz around your product or service you need something to help you facilitate that and what is better than a real person or people who are completely unrelated to the business, who can give a real opinion about the product, with real opinions to improve your brand …

The reason why brand blogs or vlogs are so influential is because it gives them a sense of transparency in communication to consumers. They share valuable information that people engage with (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012 p537).

For example, makeup vloggers will give positive or negative reviews about the products they have been using and this has a significant impact on whether the products are purchased, this is more effective as you can see the end results with the products used; this becomes eWOM where anyone on the Internet has access to what has been said (Hung & Li, 2007).

How the consumer perceives the vlogger is critical to influencing online shopper behavior, as trust and usefulness of the product have become factors that consumers seek, and many vloggers gain this trust by observing the consumer. people (Hsiao et al, 2010).

Brands need to recognize the importance of this and what you can do to increase product recognition if vloggers want to say something positive or truthful about the product to a crowd of people, or the impacts of negative comments.

Video blogging (vlogging) is a growing trend on YouTube for the last 2-3 years. There are different types of vloggers (who create a vlog) like lifestyle, travel, events, etc.

In this article, Vlogging is not just about making videos for youtube. It has endless opportunities and many benefits.

Let me clarify, in a simple way when your written words are turned into a video it is called a vlog. If you are good at communicating with a camera, you should definitely start.

5 Reason Why You Should Start Vlogging

You don’t need to create a video blog for youtube.

You can record the trip of a lifetime. If you travel and vlog, you will remember these things even after 10-15 years. It is more effective than taking photos and journaling.

You can start with your smartphone camera.

You don’t even need a special camera to get started. The most important thing about vlogging is documenting the trip.

It’s not just about traveling. Your four years of engineering studies or your 3 years of work experience can also be documented.

This can also strengthen your confidence.

If you are going to start a business, then you should record your 2-3 minute clip, where you should talk about what to do today.

I started recording my blogging journey. After completing 1 year, I can clearly see my progress and that makes a difference.

Imagine… if you are doing a long-term project and have recorded it daily or weekly.

After completing the project, you can share all these videos and tell people how difficult it was.

It does not mean … success or failure. Documenting your trip is best in the long run.

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