5 Common Misconceptions About Sandwich Griller

The households that cannot do without a sandwich griller are incomprehensible to those who have never used one. For them, it is just another appliance that increases your expense and takes up space in your kitchen. They see it as a piece of equipment that does nothing but makes toast for you once in a while as the same food can become boring.

On the other hand, a household that has once been introduced to a sandwich maker cannot imagine what they would do without one. How is it that people have such a different opinion about the same appliance? The difference is the user experience. Someone who has never used cannot even begin to understand the value addition that the appliance provides a kitchen.

Let’s break down the barriers to buying a sandwich toaster one by one:

1. Very Limited Usage

Consumers feel that a sandwich maker can just make sandwiches. Agreed that it can make a variety of sandwiches, but who wants to eat sandwiches regularly? They can at best be consumed once a week.

Clarification: The sandwich griller is extremely versatile and can help you in everyday cooking to make several dishes such as garlic bread, brownies, omelettes, grilled chicken/ fish/ paneer, quesadillas, French toast, hash browns, pancakes and so much more. This is a quick fix for many dishes that would take much longer to prepare in their conventional pots, pans and griddles.

2. Increases the Consumption of Oil/Butter

It is believed that you need to grease the insides of a sandwich toaster to ensure that the bread doesn’t stick to it, thus making the food oily and unhealthy.

Clarification: Most sandwich toasters have a non-stick coating on the cooking plates, which actually reduce the consumption of oil. Oil is required as an essential component of the ingredients in some foods but certainly not for greasing the plates.

3. Tough to Clean and Maintain

Non-consumers of sandwich grillers have a perception that the grooves in the appliance make it difficult to clean and any food stuck on the plates is not easy to remove.

Clarification: The sandwich grillers often come with detachable plates that can be safely washed under running water using the normal dish wash process. Detachable parts of some brands are even dishwasher-safe. All the other parts can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. The appliance is very easy to clean and maintain and is also durable and serves you for a long time.

4. Not Safe

The use of electricity and heated plates lead to the misconception that it could cause burns and hence is not safe for children and the elderly to use.

Clarification: The appliance is actually very safe to use as the handles on the exterior of the sandwich maker are designed with materials that do not heat up. Just like all other appliances, care has to be taken not to touch the hot surfaces and wear safety gloves or use tongs to pick up the hot foods. Children above the age of 10 can safely use this appliance to prepare delicious snacks for themselves.

5. The Product Is Not Worth the Price

People don’t believe in paying for an appliance, which is designed for a single purpose like making sandwiches.

Clarification: As is evident from the above discussion, the sandwich maker is a versatile product, which can actually do so much more than just make a sandwich. It is easy to maintain, clean and perfectly safe to use. The cost of a good sandwich maker falls in the range of INR 2000, which is fairly reasonable for an appliance of this kind.

A sandwich grill or a toaster is an appliance that should be available in all households, irrespective of whether you are a bachelor, a couple, a nuclear family or a joint family. It can make cooking, easy, fun and even interesting. You can become creative and give wings to the chef inside you. Do not listen to those who feel that you need not have a sandwich maker and can do without it. Listen to those who tell you what more it can do for you. It is time to get a sandwich maker home.

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