5 Benefits of using Wide Format Printing

The wide-format printer is any printer that has a maximum paper roll width of 18 to 100 inches. In comparison, their typical home or office printer can accommodate the largest sheet of paper, which is 8.5 x 14. Wide format printing is an affordable choice, unlike many other large-scale printing technologies, such as screen printing for small-scale enterprise, trade show signage and banner printing for a weekend event such as cycling or printing a limited number of posters to an art show. UV flatbed printers are commonly designed to print on a broader variety of materials than flatbed printers, and the tints are as long-lasting as those that are used in solvent printers. Wide-format printers can produce impressive banners and posters on matte, glossy, and semi-gloss paper, but they’re capable of doing so much more. Printing on just about anything is possible including wallpaper, vinyl, fabric, foam board, coated metal, PVC, and even wood or ceramics. Wide format printing can also be achieved with environmentally friendly inks for environmentally friendly customers. The purpose of getting a grand opening is to bring clients through the door. People can make them as big as they want them with wide format printing. Use of large format printing for an almost infinite variety of applications, all of which can help people get messages across in big, bold colour, making the brand, company, or public event stand out from the crowd and get the attention it deserves.

Here are 5 benefits of using Wide Format Printing:

  1. To market the brand and create high-quality images: When a person hears a bit of information, three days later they can only remember about 10 per cent of it. If people add a picture to this information, however, people can remember 65%. Why do images play such a big role in memorizing? Since they stand out in a sea of words. A large format printer can create vivid images that will make the company stand out.
  2. Create a Wide Format Trade Show or Exhibition Posters: Trade shows are a perfect means of promoting the business and recruiting new customers. Individuals can use a large format printer to create posters for their stand. Rather than buying stickers, and waiting for them to arrive. People can do it their way.
  3. Branded vehicles can be a strong marketing device: A branded car stands out on the road in a sea of vehicles. The consumers will remember their brand constantly every time they see it. A branded car resembles a traveling billboard. When people already own a company vehicle and a large format printer, when considering the publicity that their business will get, branding their car can be a fairly inexpensive marketing effort.
  4. To represent the mascot and create life-sized cut-outs: Does the company have a mascot? People may use their mascot’s large format printer to print a life-size cut-out, and use it as a display. For example, if they own a store, showing their mascot outside the door can draw customers into the store.
  5. To Sell New Products or Releases using Wide Format Printer: The large format printer may be used by people to print promotional materials such as posters, pamphlets, or brochures to pass on and spread the word. Flyer marketing is in reality still an important method of marketing. People live in a digital environment where after advertising; they can click past advertisements easily. However, a physical paper flyer can make them stop and look around. A physical flyer remains with them, unlike a digital ad, too.

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