5 advantages of getting data science certification

Data is regarded as the currency of the 21st century. In this technological era, companies are looking for data science certified professionals. This article aims to look at the various advantages one can get after pursuing a data Science course. Ranging from a stamp of credibility to better roles in the industry, this article looks at intersectoral diversity of data sciences. The article also features a brief mention of motivation that one gets after pursuing a data Science course. Let’s take it forward.

A look at the advantages of data science certification

1- Stamp of credibility

Data Science certification is accompanied by a stamp of credibility. It makes the job profile of a person stand out from the crowd. Data science certification means that a person is ready to begin working without any further mentoring. Data Science certification also speaks volumes of the expertise a data scientist has achieved in this field. However, it has to be kept in mind that this certification should be obtained from a recognised institute in this field. For instance, data science certification in Malaysia is often regarded as the most premier certifications in data Science.

2- Diverse sectors to work across

A data science certification also enables a person to work across diverse sectors. These diverse sectors include the blend of both industry and research. The sub sectors in industry include infrastructure, logistics, service delivery, healthcare, retail etc. The sub sectors in research include data analytics, data mining, pattern formation, pattern recognition and the like.

3- Better expertise after training

Data Science training involves modules which increase the levels of expertise. It is notable to mention here that experience obtained in data science training can be used to one’s advantage to work across various sectors. Better expertise includes wise decision making, knowledge discovery, knowledge interpretation, coordination and information dissemination.

4- Better role in industry

After getting a data science certification, a professional is bound to obtain a better role in the industry. Data scientists are usually offered roles at the helm of affairs of some premier companies. A study by NASSCOM points out that approximately 40% of the jobs in premier companies are held by data scientists or persons who have a holistic knowledge of data analytics.

5- A statement of self motivation

Data Science certification is also regarded as a statement of self motivation. A data scientist can trust himself while taking chief decisions for his company. This confidence and motivation is necessary to take an individual to higher levels of success and growth. A self motivated data scientist not only contributes to the company he works for but also to some specific aspects of technology by helping in its evolution.


In one word, a data science certification has numerous advantages which cannot be limited to the ones mentioned here. A data science certification at any point in one’s career is primarily a deciding factor for his future growth.

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