3 Reasons Why BigCommerce Website Design is so Important

Even if you are selling amazing products on your website and already have an established brand, don’t think you can go without the right BigCommerce website design for your online store. In fact, website design is increasingly being recognized as a part of user experience, which is one of the most important ranking factors now.

The design of your website, no matter what industry or niche you are in, is extremely important. A great design can make or break the perception of your users and can ultimately determine whether or not they make a purchase. You might be under the assumption that if you carry a certain product, that your users will buy from you no matter what your site looks like or how it functions, but this would be a grave error on your part. In fact, poor website design can not only dissuade your users from making purchases, it may even literally impede them from doing so.

If you have built your store on BigCommerce and are trying to grow as a business and brand, you need to pay special attention to the design of your website. It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics, as the design directly impacts how users find your products and make purchases, among other things. BigCommerce Website Design should be one of your top priorities if you’re serious about maximizing your traffic and conversions.

Here’s 3 of the most important reasons why the design of your website is so critical for the success of your website.

Design Streamlines User Experience

Perhaps the most important element of website design involves enhancing the overall user experience. This includes fast page loading times, an easy to follow and intuitive navigation, mobile fluidity, sensible product categories, graphics that inform and tell a story about your products, and in general a bug-free and professional-feeling that allows your users to find what they are looking for with ease.

Great Design and Proper SEO are Linked

SEO is another important factor in the success of your online store, and the design of your website is a big part of that. A properly designed website will have certain SEO measures are taken into account from the start, such as proper contextual linking between pages, optimized page speed, proper use of title tags, and so on. Design and SEO now go hand-in-hand because one of the most important ranking factors is user experience. If Google perceives that your users are not finding what they need on your website and are bouncing from it for any reason, this will lower your rankings.

So proper BigCommerce website design will actually increase your traffic and help you climb in the SERPs. You can’t afford to ignore this crucial aspect of building and running a store online.

The Right Design Aesthetics Signal Authority

The way your website looks and feels is actually quite important as well. You might not have any personal stake in whether or not your website looks attractive or not, but make no mistake, the vast majority of users these days want to feel safe and secure when they shop online.

This means you can’t rely on an outdated looking website to perform well, even if you are selling great products or have an established reputation. Those who don’t recognize your brand or haven’t visited your website before may be immediately turned off if the site looks old or out of touch. Keeping with the pulse of current web design trends is key if you want to excel online.

If you are interested in incorporating these website design tips into your online store, contact a reputable eCommerce developer like 1Digital® today and request a free consultation. They are BigCommerce trusted partners and will make sure your website gets the proper professional touch.

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