3 Elements That You Must Keep in Mind While Customizing Patches

The trend of custom patches has popularized a lot over the years. Worn in several events such as pep rallies, tournaments, ceremonies, and many more, they are cool items that are worn over the garments to show your support or identify your squad.

Some patches are also meant to serve the sole purpose of fashion. The demand for custom made patches of different kinds are always high. Companies design motorcycle club patches and several other category patches.

However, it is you who has to decide on your customization. If you are someone who is struggling about customizing their patches then fret not. Below we have listed down some important elements that need to be considered while customizing patches.

1. The prime purpose of the patch

There are several instances where customers tend to be too overwhelmed with design options and artworks that they get distracted from the purpose of patch making. Keep your focus fixated on the purpose of your patch.

Make sure to remind yourself of the question – “what is the purpose for this patch”. In what sort of event will it be featured? Is it for a team? Or in support of a team?

This will guide you to initiate your customization of patches in the right direction. So, focus on your purpose and then customize your patches.

2. Deciding the patch shape and size

Having to decide the shape and size of the patch plays an important role in properly customizing your patches. Firstly, determine how big or small the size of your patch would be.

If your custom patches are meant to be worn over a jacket then make sure you place an order for a huge sized patch. The garment over which the patch would be worn must be taken into consideration for deciding the size of it.

Alternatively, the shape of the patch can be chosen as per your liking. Almost every patch manufacturer offers to make almost any kind of shape for custom patches. For instance, square, circular or even triangular, the choice is yours to make.

3. Choice for the artwork

Another significant element is the artwork that is featured at the center of the patch. If you have an idea or concept in your mind for the artwork then make sure to brief it to the designer or artist.

After all, they are the one who are going to create your artwork. Be creative and stay relevant to the message you want to indicate with your patches.

If you still cannot come up with an artwork then seek help from the professionals.


The above listed are some important elements that need to be considered for perfectly customizing patches. Customization seems like an easy decision but it is certainly not. One wrong decision and your whole patch can turn out to be odd-looking. So, make sure to keep in mind the above-listed elements while placing orders for custom patches. Whether you want to design motorcycle club patches or other category patches the above considerations are important.

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