3 Common Questions Asked About eBay Listing Policies

eBay is a multinational, American, e-commerce corporation that I based in San Jose, California. It offers many services and the main two services that eBay provides are Business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales online. As it is a worldwide business, you have to take care of all the activates that happen.

To make sure that all the customers and sellers get a better experience, eBay keeps updating its eBay listings polices according to the worldwide situations. These listing policies provide rules to make sure that the sellers and buyers have a safer and better experience on eBay. If you want things to run smoothly for you on eBay and you want to prevent your listings from being canceled by the administration, you need to keep these policies in your mind.

eBay is very strict about these policies, and if someone doesn’t follow the rules and policies that eBay has provided they might end up with a suspended account and that can cause you a very big, not recoverable loss. These rules and policies change according to the regions and countries.

However, there are few questions asked frequently.

Not sure if the item is prohibited or not. What should you do?

Due to some legal restrictions and eBay rules, some items are not allowed for selling or buying on eBay. If you are not sure about your item, you will need to see the list of restricted items on the internet or contact the customer service so that they can provide you the list of your region. You have to make sure that the certain item that you are planning to sell or buy isn’t on the eBay restricted list as it can be a long run loss for both, the seller and the buyer.

Why was your listing removed?

eBay needs to keep its website a safe place for its customers and sellers as well. If someone has its eBay listings that somehow violate the rules and policies, eBay removes it. If your listing has somehow removed your eBay listing, eBay will send you an email explaining why they have removed your listing.  You can contact the customer services for further details.

What happened when you can’t find your listing on eBay?

If you cannot find your eBay listing services on the eBay site, you might have violated one of the policies or rules that eBay has made for eBay listing. However, if you haven’t received an email from eBay about removing your listing then it is probably because those listings are not ranking high enough in the search results.

If you want to improve your search result ranking, you better be as descriptive as possible about your products. You need to write a clear title, write the description, list your item according to its category, and fill all the specifics of your item.

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