25-key mini music keyboard for composing music

25-key mini music keyboard for composing music

When the study of the notes of a piano becomes less intriguing compared to the desire to create music and effects, one is more attracted to some keyboards capable of combining creativity with dance music, pop and why not, even rap and trap.

Here the pianola becomes an instrument to be necessarily connected to a Mac to explode all that desire for music that starts from a simple bedroom and can reach who knows where thanks to the web, youtube and social media.

Generally we start from 13 or 14 years old, the favorite toy for kids who want to “play” with music is a keyboard of the compact ones to be placed on the desk in the room, connect to a pair of headphones and spend afternoons and evenings at find the perfect melody.

Garage band sets no limits so why ask us when you can easily compose music with a pad and a controller?

Here are 5 keyboards to consider when buying if you like to “take command” of the music and spend your hours with pleasure configuring and recording new sounds.

25-key mini keyboards:


This mini USB MIDI keyboard with 2 octaves and 25 backlit keys allows anyone to create music with their computer and is inimitable in activating loops and sequences during a live performance.

Easy to configure, compatible with MAC and PC, the keyboard does not require the installation of drivers or external power supply. A single USB connection and you’re ready to go. The magic of the Plug & Play concept.

Despite its small size, the LPK25 offers transposition of the octaves up / down, a fully configurable arpeggiator, without forgetting the 4 memories provided for backup of configurations and to facilitate dialogue between the different software.

LPK25 is certainly one of the best performing keyboards in its category and is particularly suitable for live events.


V Mini is the new 25-key USB MIDI keyboard controller produced by Alesis created to integrate any type of configuration and offer musicians the possibility of composing freely using a complete melodic range.

V Mini only needs to be attached to your computer to work, MAC or PC is indifferent since the dialogue between virtual musical instruments, software and plug-ins will be managed without any conflict.

V Mini comes with Xpand! 2 software a powerful and intuitive multitimbral virtual instrument with over 3000 fully editable resets covering all musical styles.


Kalaok Panda is a mini USB MIDI controller keyboard that falls into the plug and play USB 2.0 category and does not require drivers or power cables.

The keyboard consists of 25 keys and 8 switchable and backlit pads, with 4 MIDI control groups and 8 control buttons including pitch up / down, and octave up / down.

Note that it does not support Windows 98, Millenium edition, NT and 2000. It is compatible with Cakewalk and many other music software instead.

Korg nano KEY2:

The Korg nanoKey2 USB MIDI keyboard is very compact and represents the evolution of the nanoKey1, so it has been improved in many ways.

The keys are larger and more detached so they can be used more freely and without the risk of pressing multiple keys at the same time.

The dynamics of the same keys have been improved and the up / down buttons of the octaves have been increased the range of 4 levels in both directions and now all available MIDI notes are reachable.

Pitch Bend, Modulation and Sustain buttons have also been added. Programming of these new keys can be done by downloading the free Korg Kontrol Editor software directly from the manufacturer’s website.


iRig Keys 25 is a super compact MAC and PC compatible USB MIDI keyboard features 25 velocity sensitive keys that are capable of providing a generous range of 2 octaves plus one note.

Even this small keyboard which is the most compact on the market, is able to connect to your computer without complications of any kind and you will immediately be able to use it to create your favorite music. Here is the bigger one Digital Piano You might be interested in.

The Sample Tank 4 SE software can be downloaded online on the IK Multimedia website, on the keyboard there are: up / down buttons for octave control and a knob that adjusts the volume and data. On the site you can also download up to 30GB of samples for each category of musical instruments.

A collection of free virtual instruments for SampleTank3 from The Grid series and also 5 collections from the Beats and Elektronika series are at your disposal. The ultimate gift for you is 25 free Gear credits, which you can use on the online store for electronic products:

A final curiosity about iRig Keys 25 is represented by the fact that this keyboard is also compatible with the Android system thanks to a USB-OTG adapter which, however, is not included during the purchase of the keyboard.