2020 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In India

If you follow the Cryptoknowmics website for alt coin news update, then you must be having an idea that for trading digital currencies, there is a need for a medium where buying, trading, and selling can take place. Cryptocurrency exchanges are that medium. According to coinmarketcap, these exchanges deal in more than 10 cryptocurrencies. If security is the major concern for holding your cryptocurrencies, then it is better to rely on those exchanges that guarantees you the same, and also which are better in their operation as well are convincing for users in terms of use.

Whenever you search for a cryptocurrency exchange, you must notice prominent factors like security, its authenticity, and fees of transactions. If all these elements make you convincing and sure, then better go for it. Now there must be a curiosity brewing in your mind about how to know which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges that have user-friendly features and are appropriate for trading. So today, I am going to introduce you to some of the promising cryptocurrency exchanges that meet your needs. Let us begin with:


Starting with WazirX, it is one of the reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, especially for Bitcoin in India. This exchange facilitates its customers with good experience in trading on any platforms including Android and many more. WazirX exchange is comprised of a very easy and better framework that benefits both traders who are experienced as well as for the newbie investors. While knowing about WazirX, one must also be familiar with its token called WRX. The production of WRX coins is estimated to be around 1 Billion.

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The reason why this cryptocurrency exchange or call it Bitcoin exchange is good to bet on for trading is because of its availability on all platforms. But other than this advantage, WazirX also benefits its users with the transactions that are done immediately. Moreover, it promises you with maximum security.


CoinSwitch is another name that ranks among 2020 best cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Other than India, this exchange is also popular worldwide. Ever since it came in 2017, CoinSwitch has convinced many crypto enthusiasts from India. This exchange underpins many digital currencies and their pairing.

Another important fact about CoinSwitch is its partnership with major crypto wallets including Coinomi, Binance, and several others. Your curiosity regarding Bitcoin purchase in India or how to invest in Bitcoin can also be answered here. Now let me tell you why you can bestow your trust upon CoinSwitch. Well, this exchange fares better to other cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market rates. Herewith the use of INR, you can buy digital assets supported by the CoinSwitch exchange. Moreover, if you need any questions or doubts, then this latter exchange is comprised of a customer service assistant for 24/7. Like WazirX, it is also a user-friendly exchange.


Next comes Unocoin. This cryptocurrency exchange is also one of the reliable platforms for trading major cryptocurrencies like Tether, and Bitcoin. Here users have the advantage of selling and purchasing of digital assets. Or, if they want to exchange them, then it is also possible here. What you might know about Unocoin is its provision of OTC services. It allows maximum trading.

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But besides this, there is also another feature called SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Unocoin is the first crypto exchange that has bagged a special place in Bitcoin space in India. It is comprised of essential features. These include SIP and OTC. Like CoinSwitch, Unocoin also facilitates in INR option for buying. So, at last, I would say that it is a reliable exchange to be bet on.


For six years, ZebPay has been providing its services to a million members. This exchange comprises an interface that seems to be clear, easy, and in-built with upgraded features. In ZebPay, trading of multiple crypto pairs is possible. Securing of privacy and data is the main thing which the user seeks to. And ZebPay has the provision of maintaining it through security protocols. This exchange has a strong API.


Apart from the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges, there are other prominent names, one such is Colodax. It came 3 years back founded by a team of developers. Colodax facilitates its users with a better speed of transaction process and also for implementing a trade. This crypto exchange comprises a strong system of security which helps safely keep the assets of users by utilizing the technique of cold storage and widespread wallets. It also facilitates the mobile app for its users.

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So these are the 2020 best cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Here you can do trading of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Exchanges like WazirX are the perfect choice for newbie investors and experienced traders. These exchanges are equipped with advanced features that can prove user-friendly. After uplifting the RBI ban on cryptocurrency by the Supreme Court, there has been much craze for crypto trading by people in India. That is why WazirX, ZebPay, CoinSwitch, and Unocoin have become favoured cryptocurrency exchanges in India. To know more other topics log on to the Cryptoknowmics site which covers every topic like crypto wallet comparison and more.

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