200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Or Yoga Retreat: Which to Choose

There is a lot of difference between 200-hour yoga teacher training and yoga teacher training retreats. There is a tremendous noticeable difference when it is measured by training style and purpose. Yet, a lot of yoga trainers and enthusiasts often find themselves at the crossroads of this decision. Even for those who have taken one or both before, it can become a difficult decision. Now it makes no sense trying out both or gaining wisdom from a wrong choice. Rather, using this guide, ask yourself the important questions and make the right decision at once.

When to Choose 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Here are the scenarios where 200-hour yoga teacher training is the better choice between the two.

When You Have Decided Your Career Path

This is the most obvious reason. If you are sure that you want to become a registered yoga teacher, you should go directly to yoga teacher training. And 200-hour yoga teacher training is the standard and most common starting point for this. While you can also choose a 100-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher training course, most go with the 200 RYT training.When You Need Basic, All-Round Training.

The curriculum of 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training is designed to provide base-level training in all aspects of yoga. You not only learn the asanas and pranayama but also kriyas, bandhas, meditation, mantras, yoga nidra, etc. All of these aspects helps to boost your flexibility, health and strength. You gain better control over your body, your breathing, movement, and even your thoughts and emotions. For those looking to improve their holistic health, 200-hr yoga teacher training is perfect

When You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Knowledge

The 200-hour yoga teacher training course does not teach you only the physical aspects of yoga. You also gain theoretical knowledge in Yogic history, philosophy, anatomy, and physiology. You study canonical texts and manuscripts, Yogic literature, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and much more. They help extend your command over yoga from the physical aspects to the theoretical ones. It helps you better understand the philosophy and discipline of yoga.

When You Want to Update Yourself

Yoga teachers must constantly keep themselves up-to-date with the newest teaching techniques, yoga practices, and curriculum additions. This may be difficult when they are teaching yoga to their students. The best way to accomplish this is to take a recent 200-hour yoga teacher training course with the updated curriculum. It will give them all the new material they need.

When to Choose Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

There are some circumstances when yoga teacher training retreats make a better choice.

Some of these are given below.

There comes some extent, wherever you may be making an attempt to find your Future.

If you are not yet sure whether yoga teacher training is for you or not, you might not want to jump to a 200-hour YTTC directly. You need to be very sure and particular about the correct decision for your existing profession.

One option is to take a 100-hour yoga teacher training course. But it is recognized if some of the people do not really want to invest that much either. For them, a yoga retreat makes a perfect choice. Yoga teacher training retreats can be of any length, including that of a few days. You will understand if you make a good teacher or not right there.

When You Want to Gain Expertise in a Specific Aspect

Many yoga retreats focus on specific aspects of yoga. A certain retreat might be on pranayama, another might be on two-person yoga practices, while some others might concentrate on yoga for heart health or mental wellness. These yoga teacher training retreats are perfect for those who want specialized training in that aspect. They may want to widen their offerings as a yoga teacher and therefore, take training in that aspect only.

When You Want to Refine Your Practice

In many cases, people pick up one aspect of yoga much faster than another. But a standard YTTC will not wait for them to become masters of the practice they are weak in. Yoga courses have a set time frame. So, the teachers expect you to strengthen your abilities in that aspect through personal practice. While this works out for a lot of people, many require guidance and training. For them, yoga teacher training retreats that teach that section of yoga only are the best choice.

When You Want a Yoga Vacation

Yoga teacher training retreats are not just for those who want to get some extra training in their yoga practice. Many take yoga retreats simply for the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment. Yoga helps calm the mind and soul and find inner peace. It is a great way to escape your busy schedule and take a relaxing holiday. Many yoga retreats are organized in luxury yoga resorts. These provide spas, massages, and other wellness treatments. You will even get tours of the place. What better way to spend your holiday than by refreshing yourself and improving your health simultaneously?

Where to Find The Best Options

Often, sponsored and promoted options fill your page when looking for YTTCs or yoga retreats. They are most often not the best option that you can have. Navigating your way on the Internet for 200-hour yoga teacher training or yoga teacher training retreats can be confusing. But when you use BookYogaTraining, you see the real best choices for you right at the top. We trust in serving to you discover the finest and best yoga alternatives you need.

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