11 Objectives to Cornerstone SEO in 2020

In 2019, Databox conducted a survey where 70% of the respondents characterized SEO as a better sales-generating method than paid media.

But why SEO?

What is the reason behind SEO to hold more than 1/2 of the total search traffic (where other effective methods are like social and paid media)?

Let’s have a look at the 11 important factors. It will make you understand why hiring an SEO Company in Bangalore will help you to cornerstone SEO what will be the best strategy in 2020 for generating sales.

  1. Better Content Development

Prioritizing SEO and legitimate link building makes you create relevant, authentic, and useful content that will inspire people to consume and share. Google has become focused to provide more user-oriented content and loves websites providing such content.

  1. Search Share

83% of the search engine traffic comes from SEO and a staggering 17% of paid search from paid search. SEO has been consistent for more than 15 years holds the lion share of traffic for top websites.

  1. Channel Share

Organic search leads the highest amount of organic traffic to websites. According to the report of BrightEdge organic channel, 53% of the website traffic comes to form organic search.

  1. Attracts New Customers

The number of people using the internet is increasing with every year passing. SEO will help you to rank among the top results in SERPs. Consequently, new people will know your brand more while searching for products or services you also offer.

  1. Better User Experience

You need to make your website easy to navigate for both the search engine and the users. For such, you’ll be providing more attention to site architecture and link the pages to make them easy to discover and navigable. While crawlers love the website with easy navigation while searching the web to provide results against a query.

  1. Fit For Budget

Despite being the highest shareholder of the search traffic for websites, SEO is always a low cost when compared to PPC. Whether you seek help from an SEO agency or practice it by yourself, appropriate optimization will provide you long term results as compared to Adwords and Facebook Ads.

  1. The E-A-T Factor

An SEO company like a Digital marketing agency in Bangalore can help your site reach the top of search results within a few months. Several online studies found more than 80% of the click-through rate goes to the first 3 results of SERPs.

  1. Brand Development

Your business ranks higher through optimizing search engines better. The higher the rank, the more authority you hold in front of your target consumers resulting in brand development.

  1. Conversion Rate

Paid search provides instant results, but due to lack of trustworthiness makes it poor-performing for conversion rate. SEO has A healthy conversion rate of 14.6% while paid search only manages is about 3.75%.

  1. Satiate User Behavior

The majority of the people conducts market research online before purchasing a product. Users Google the product to search online and make a list from those ranking top on search results. You rank among the top results and become more eligible to become a choice of preference.

  1. Global Reach

While dominating on your local area and surroundings, effective global SEO can give you worldwide exposure. With Global SEO, you can bring your business in front of a global audience. Chances are that you build a global brand by transforming them into consumers.

SEO is a long term practice and requires consistency. Since the beginning, it has dominated in attracting search traffic and is likely to remain the same in 2020 and years to come.The best SEO Company in Bangalore who is a seasoned player understands SEO different SEO needs of differing industries. They are more focused to provide you long-term results than focusing on instant volatile outcomes.

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