10 Offbeat Things You Must Do In Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams but besides that, it is a land of beaches and historic places as well. But, some places are so popular that they are always crowded.

So we have collected a list of places that are not as popular or under the spotlight. You can visit them in peace, won’t need to rush. Be it treks, old forts, or bicycle trips, we have covered them all for you.

Trek around Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This is the world’s largest park that is located in the city limits and here you will get to experience the true bliss of nature as well.

This park is spread 104 square kilometres and is densely populated with trees and flora and fauna of multiple kinds.

It also houses lions and tigers. You can do trekking around here. This is located in Mukhaylovka in Borivali East.

Participate in a midnight cycling trip

Mumbai would also offer you cycling routes that are scenic and appealing to the eyes. At the time when the traffic is down, this trip starts, you can take a cycle on rent if you don’t have one and try cycling around the place.

This will add a fresh perspective. You can be a part of local cycling groups in the area starting from Nariman Point to Bandra bandstand.

Stroll Through Khotachiwadi

To reach Khotachiwadi, you can take Ahmedabad to Mumbai taxi. This is a small village in Girgaon that is more than two centuries old and has quite a unique story to tell.

Narrow lanes, vibrant houses and Portuguese style architecture is what you will get to see here. It earlier has 65 houses but now has only 28.

The Chinese Temple of Mumbai

The Kwan Kung Temple is the only temple in Mumbai that is Chinese. It is located in Mazgaon which is also considered as the China town of the city.

It is decorated with figurines, lanterns made of paper and chimes and murals. This also has sacred writing on its walls.

Visit Vintage Movie Theatres

Mumbai has several historic cinemas that are a must-visit for every Bollywood fan. They are the oldest surviving ones in the country and so won’t it be memorable to catch the film screening in these theatres. You can go to Maratha Mandir to watch Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Explore the Forts

Located by the Arabian sea, Mumbai has significant forts that have been there for centuries. Most While some are not safe to visit now as they are not in a good condition, but you can go to Bandra Fort, Worli Fort, Bassein Fort in Vasai and more.

Go to the zoo in Byculla

This place is not really known but still worth visiting for people who love animals. This was founded in 1861 which makes it the oldest zoo in the subcontinent and in the city too.

Spread over 50 acres of land, here you can see crocodiles, leopards, hippos and other variety of cats as well along with birds of various kinds.

Visit these non-crowded beaches

For people who are coming from Ahmedabad, we suggest them to book an Ahmedabad to Mumbai taxi, it will become less of hectic and more of fun for you this way. There are varied kind of beaches in this place.

You should skip the crowded ones like Juhu, Versova, Girgaon and other pristine ones and choose Uran Beach, Gorai Beach instead. Not only are they less visited but more scenic too!

Visit Bandra for art street

You can take a stroll in the famous Bandra area and see the rich streets there. The artwork is amazing and the experience would be memorable too. From social to cultural retreat, you will get it all there. The subjects would be diverse and the creators would be professional and amateurs both. Well, that’s the beauty of Bombay!

Delve in the historic cave temples

There are several cave structures in Bombay that you must not miss. The Kanheri caves, Elephanta caves and also the Buddhist and Hindu cave temples of Jogeshwari are a few of them.

These were are top picks. Make sure you take taxi for your trip if you live somewhere near Mumbai. For instance, if you live in Ahmedabad, you can hire an Ahmedabad to Mumbai taxi. Have a happy trip!

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