10 Habits that Annoy Other People (EVEN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!)

There are times when even your best friends and family members get irritated by you, and you don’t know, or you just choose to ignore!

Here’s a friendly reminder that you should be mindful of all your actions. Even the things you are used to doing might be offensive and uncomfortable for the people dear to you. 

Check out this list of 10 habits that annoy the people around you, especially those who are always spending time with you!


Moments with the family and friends are often fun and full of laughs. But there are serious times, too, such as in the middle of problems or, in a lighter mood, while giving a touching message for someone’s birthday. 

Laughing or joking in serious moments is NOT always proper. “I just want to make the atmosphere light.” There’s a right time for that. Be sensitive about the feelings of others. 

If someone is sharing a problem with you or is having a serious talk, don’t rashly crack a joke or laugh. You can be foul for others even if you had your “good” intentions.


Mukbangs are trendy, but that’s entertainment. Chewing noisily and loudly while eating with other people is different, and it’s unlikeable. 

People eating with you might be pestered. Some just can’t stand hearing the rice submerged in soup being chewed in your mouth. Your mom might have called you out a hundred times while having dinner. She hates it too.

Nobody wants to know how well you handle the first stage of digestion. Eat more quietly, so others can eat in peace too.


Smoking in public surely vexes strangers who are nonsmokers. Specifically in public vehicles and open parks, when someone is smoking, people around get grumpy.

Another news is that even your closest pals who are nonsmokers turn super annoyed when you just smoke around them. That’s being so insensitive! 

Don’t say that they are used to you doing that. Don’t say that it’s “just” e-liquid. Those people are also afraid of getting harmed and sick due to secondhand smoke. 

Regardless if it’s a cigarette or an e-cigarette that you’re using, smoke away from your nonsmoking chums or when they are not around. If you don’t care for your health, they do care for theirs. Don’t forget that.


It’s a favorite habit of many! While some are not aware that they do it, some intentionally shake their legs when sitting.

If you have this mannerism, better if you will be more watchful of yourself. The person next to you will find it really fidgeting and dizzying. 

Some people also have some traumas with earthquakes, and the shaking motion, brought by your legs to the floor you are commonly situated on, might cause them to feel panicked.


When a person giving a speech from the stage sees some people not paying attention, it’s very distracting and somehow exasperating. That’s also the reason why the professor calls out students who are not listening to the lecture. 

In a smaller circle, when your friend is talking to you or speaking with you, and you are on your phone, expect him/her to leave you without a word. Texting while talking is very displeasing to the one in front of you. The same thing with playing or watching something on your phone. Why? 

Your attention is divided, so most likely you will respond with nonsense, with uncertain words or with nothing at all, to the person with you. If you experienced it yourself with your brother playing with his phone while you are asking him something, you will know how rude it could be! 

Listen to the one you’re talking with, so you can instantly reply, and he/she won’t get mad or feel embarrassed. If you have an urgent reason to use your phone for a little while, then excuse yourself first. 

If you are going to use your phone, use it. If you are going to talk with the person beside you, do that. Do one after the other.


Fingernails are prone to dirt, germs and bacteria, especially when they are long. If you bite them, you transfer those yucky things to your mouth. Ew. 

If you have this terrible habit of munching your fingernails because you feel comfortable, then know that people seeing you do that find it gross. What’s worse, they don’t just tell you, “It’s gross.” They tell you, “You’re nasty.” 


In the family and in friendship squads, there’s always those who are the turtles of the team. They are the slowest people who arrive late and last at every event or meeting.

While your loved ones are already used to you being like that, there could be times when they will feel sad or snuffy about it. In special life events and meet-ups you should be leaving early for, but you still do not manage to adjust yourself, some of them might not gladly accept it though they know the kind of person you are.

Sometimes (actually most of the time) arriving late is forgivable by people close to you because you are familiar with each other. However, in situations where you need to be immediately present, make your best efforts to be there without delay.


Photo from USA Today

There are several types of movie goers and spectators, but this one’s probably hated by everyone: the one who talks nonsense during the movie. 

What does that mean? 

That’s just a camera trick. It’s not amazing at all.” 

What if this happens?” 

That character should have not done that!” 

Oh, he did that since the director told him to do so.” 

After all, it’s scripted.” 

There’s no exact meaning of the kind of nonsense they talk with, but anything that spoils the good vibes, excitement and beauty of the film and of the others watching is the NONSENSE we’re talking about here. 

Asking questions would be acceptable, but saying things that intend to reduce the value of the movie’s art and story is VERY annoying and maddening too! If you’re not going to say anything good, don’t disturb others enjoying the creative scenes. 


Burping loudly in the presence of other people is tagged as one bad manner by many. Yes, even if it’s involuntary in many instances, it is. While some people are not really affected by somebody’s loud burp, some find it disrespectful. For some, it is really improper to burp in front of everyone, especially while you’re all at the dining table. 

When you burp loudly in a social gathering, many people might find it nasty, especially if the sound is quite disturbing and attention-seeking. It’s like a part of social etiquette. It’s a worse case if the smell is unwillingly sniffed by the person close to you.

Cover your mouth, or move to somewhere no one will hear your burp for a while. That would help you to not bother anybody with that bodily release.


It’s common for close friends and family members to share about people they hate or are not happy about. Don’t deny it.

These things are usually kept as secrets. While some find it “fun” and “interesting” to talk about such topics, some are fed up. “I hate her.” “I hate him.” When you are too hateful towards a lot of people, you tend to release bad vibes. Even if it might be some “tea”, it’s toxic for some. It’s causing negativity.

Keep them to yourself, and don’t let all your hatred be vented out to your family members and friends. But the best thing to do is to practice kindness.



The above-mentioned are just 10 of the many habits that other people hate or get upset about you. Yours might be one or more from them or might be not in this list. Whatever it is, keep in mind to consider the people around you in all actions you make.

Remember, even the people you are tightly closest with might get agitated with some of your actions which you think are just fine. Your arguments and misunderstandings might root from your thoughtlessness. Some might not be confronting you but they’re sick of them, so be more regardful and responsible.

Make better relationships and sustain them stronger by being more sensitive about what you do.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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