10 Amazing places to visit in Thailand.

Here is everything you need to know when travelling to Thailand I’m at and I’m Daniel. We sold everything we had to go to every single country in the world and in that year we spent three months in Thailand and loved it, so we were so excited to show you this guide today.

Top ten places to visit in Thailand.

1. Koh Phi Phi Island,

Koh Phi Phi Island is one of the more exciting places we visited in Thailand made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s the beach in Maya Bay Koh phi has so much to offer all kinds of travellers if you’re a budget backpacker looking to party you have found your Holy Grail this island is lined with beach bars that throw parties with fire dancers every single night of the week during the daytime.

Koh PP has tons of vendors selling you booze cruises that are available for around a thousand baht which comes out to $30 per person these are guaranteed to get you smashed so if you’re looking for a day and night you will undoubtedly forget this is your place now rest assured if you’re anything like us and partying isn’t your scene and you’re just looking to like kick back and relax on a beach there are plenty of resort and spa options for you all throughout.

The island for activities you can find island hopping tours there are about five hours and costs just about the same as one of the booze cruises so thirty dollars per person.

2. Koh Samui 

if you’re looking for a stylish resort at a budget price Koh Samui is the island for you located on the Bayon quality Koh Samui gives you solace from what is typically an aggressive Andaman Sea coast employees famous for its many waterfalls secret Buddha gardens and a plethora of spa locales to keep you pampered

If you’re hungry and want to go to a fun touristy street filled with food vendors make sure that you go by buffets fisherman’s village where you’ll find plenty of food options cheap souvenirs and fantastic massage parlours right along the oceanfront.

3. Krabi Thailand 

I can’t rant and rave enough about how beautiful Krabi Thailand is from the delicious food to the rich culture Dean beaches and impressive limestone cliffs it’s no wonder people call it paradise being full-time travelers we see plenty of lovely places but none have even compared to Krabi Thailand although it’s a neighborhood of Thailand and not a city there’s so much to do in this tropical paradise that we couldn’t help but mention it if you were like us and loved exploring nature.

Krabi has tons of hikes viewpoints and our favourite natural springs speaking of clothes two crabby the emerald pool is a two-hour drive from AO Nang but has crystal-clear water and totally local vibes if you want to get a real insight into Thai culture make sure that you visit Krabi town for a genuine off-the-beaten-path experience. Know everything about delta comfort plus.

4. Mueang Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai known for its absolutely epic temples Chiang rai is definitely a sight for sore eyes and a must-visit for any temple aficionado out there only three-hour drive from Chiang Mai Chiang Rai will welcome you with its beautiful city centre and a very very local feel you will love getting lost temple hopping and learning all about Buddhism in this quaint Thai town also something that is super neat is that Chiang ray is located at the apex of three different countries it’s only a 30-minute drive away from China Lao and Myanmar a must-visit on your Chiang rai literary is definitely the white temple.

Although less of a temple and more of an artistic interpretation of Buddhism the artist spent over a million of his own dollars constructing this ornate complex in order to get what he believes is eternal life the blue temple is honestly one among the foremost beautifully painted temples we’ve been to and we’ve almost been to all or any of the most temples in Thailand.

you will be ready to fill your Instagram with gorgeous shots of this place if you’re into a darker style of the museum you can visit the ban dam museum infamously known for its thousands of taxidermy animals and bones located all over the complex after a busy day of temple hopping you can’t miss the Chiang rai night you’ll find tons of delicious foods. You must try their build-your-own soups and clay pots they run about 200 baht which is roughly six US dollars and are just as fun to eat as they are to cook also if you’ve been waiting to buy your souvenirs the Chiang Rai night market had the cheapest memories out of any place on this. 

5. Bangkok

This city made infamous by the favoured hangover movies stays faithful to its reputation. However, a touch seedy on the surface Bangkok may be a must-stop place for each traveller in Thailand delicious Michelin star Street food traditional Thai temples and palaces and a variety of culture and history museums will integrate you into the roots of the Seon region and Thai culture if you’re in tonight life.

Bangkok does not disappoint head on over to the super famous Khao san road where you can find a street party filled with bars sketchy alcohol and buckets and even try a scorpion or two after your friendly and relaxed with a couple of beers don’t forget to get a $ 6-hour massage right on the sidewalk.

6. Chiang mai

One of my personal favourites Chiang mai Thailand cultural heartland is well known for its beautiful ornate temples traditional northern food like Khao SOI and as Thailand’s ex-pat hub filled with a mix of trendy restaurants and traditional Thai markets Chiang Mai is both a feast for the eyes and stomach the best way to get around this beautiful city is by scooter so make sure that you go to mango rentals which is a very reputable company right across the old town.

You can find quality scooters for a reasonable price Chiang Mai is also one of the best places in all of Southeast Asia to visit an elephant sanctuary.

7. Chiang Mai to Pai

My personal favourite the road from Chiang Mai to Pai like many other travellers we can’t ranta Nuff about the SCOOTER trek from Chiang mai to pi so much so we’ve included it in a separate category and are doing the trek once more in a couple of months during the four hours you’ll spend on two wheels you will be stunned by gorgeous mountainside views experienced wildlife along the way which means oxen in the middle of the road and be awestruck by the beauty of northern Thailand

Although the ride seems long you could easily spend the day stopping at the many national parks waterfalls pot springs and geysers along the way however this is not a trip for the inexperienced rider as the 762 hairpin turns will thrill.

8. Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand and not the one you eat after you survived the ride of a lifetime you’ll be welcomed by a peaceful Haven that is tucked right in the middle of the timeout ins whether you’re in term markets nature or just looking for a quiet sunset Pai has something for you make sure that you visit the bamboo bridge the waterfall and the Pai lands but also the man who owns the land split is known for being the sweetest man in all of Pai if you make a small donation which we personally gave 50 baht which comes to about a dollar fifty.

He will stuff you with his delicious homegrown snacks which include like bananas peanuts sweet fruits and even dislike Rosella juice that was really tasty after a full day of exploring make sure that you go to pies booming night market where you can find some of the cheapest street food in all of Thailand prices range for as little as 20 baht to a hundred baht per meal depending on what you’re into I wouldn’t be giving you the real lowdown if we didn’t mention the availability of adult recreational activities in pai paradise Bar is known for being the best place to kick back and smoke the night away while lounging in one of their many lit up cabanas on the mountainside and sunset bar is known for having the happiest of shakes in the area.

9. Tonsai Beach, Thailand

Tonsai Beach, when the tide is low on Railay beach west there was small paths on the cliffside you’ll find tongs you have to go on an adventurous ten-minute hike through a cliff to get there but on the other hand, you were greeted by a private beach that travellers know little about making sure you bring your snorkel gear because the reefs just along the shoreline will definitely dazzle any underwater junkie if you’re more into the rock climbing side of adventure look no further than bonsai ice plethora of cliff sides their world-renowned for being the best free climbing cliffs and in all honesty.

we didn’t work up the nerve to touch any of it depending on how far you want to venture off the beaten path at the end of the beach along the farthest cliff side you’ll find Tom’s eyes main strip their main road is filled with casual reggae bars where you can purchase some more happy shakes and again smoke the night away while listening to Bob Marley and monkeys swinging from tree to tree do however be warned you should never look a monkey in the eyes show your teeth or they will gang up on you in less.

10. Railay Beach, Thailand 

There turquoise waters and dramatic limestone cliffs what makes Railay Beach such a tropical paradise I’ve never been to a place that’s filled with so many tropical cliches in my life has a variety of adventure and relaxation whether you want to soak in the Rays and relax by the turquoise waters or you want to do some adventuring and climb up there 400-foot cliffs Railay beach has something for you known for its beautiful resorts has accommodations to suit any budget.

If you’re looking for higher-end accommodations you want to stay on the rail a bus which is the resort side and also gives you a gorgeous view of the sunset over the beach you can’t miss the fantastic fence a viewpoint the climb up to the position is very steep you’re going to need to make sure you have two hands available as you are climbing up the Mountain. 

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