Which is the Renowned Powertrac Tractor Model in India

Which is the Renowned Powertrac Tractor Model in India

Powertrac tractor is the second brand of the popular Escorts agri machinery. Powertrac produces a wide range of tractors, farm implements and engines. They offer 2wd and 4wd options and powerful tyres that help on the rough and tough fields. 

They are manufactured according to the farmer’s needs and Indian fields. Powertrac made tractors with affordable mechanization solutions that improve farming productivity. These tractors are reliable and durable, that is why most farmers always go with the Powertrac tractors. 

Powertrac tractor engine range starts from 25 hp to 75 hp. The range includes an excellent variety of tractors like mini tractors, heavy-duty tractors, utility tractors, etc. The price range of these tractors are also affordable and low. Powertrac tractor price in India is Rs. 3.30 Lakh – Rs.11.90 Lakh. 

The Powertrac heavy-duty Tractor is the Powertrac EURO 75 that comes with advanced and modern features, resulting in high yield. Following are the features of Powertrac EURO 75. 

  • It is a reliable tractor that comes with a 75 hp strong and robust engine. 
  • The Powertrac tractor model engine consists of 4-cylinders which provide high power. 
  • The single diaphragm /dual-clutch has the allow the system to provide smooth and easy functioning. 
  • Euro 75 has high-tech, fully live with position and draft control levers. 
  • The 3-stage wet type keeps the interior part of the tractor clean. 
  • Additionally, it comes with different accessories like tools, TopLink, bumper, canopy. 
  • The oil immersed Brakes of the tractor avoid the slippage and provide high grip. 
  • Powertrac Euro 75 price is  Rs. 11.20-11.90 Lakh*.