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What is New in Orthodontics?

What is New in Orthodontics

Orthodontics has successfully developed as a refresher course to dentistry and has vast independent conjecture. It is wrong to confuse an orthodontist with a dentist because the two have very specific and specialized functions. The orthodontic courses are different from the courses that are taught in dentistry. 

Although courses in orthodontics have a very strong foundation. The need to alter and add new areas of study is imperative for the girth and development of the subject. With the advent and growth of technology and the widening horizons of research. There have been some strikingly new additions to the subject matter of orthodontics. 

What is New in Orthodontics

If you want to find out about what is new in orthodontics. Keep reading this article because it will definitely provide you with the right amount of information. 

Digital Impression Scanners

This implies that an all-new scanning technology has been introduced which is successful in creating digital impressions of an individual’s dental structure by just scanning their teeth with a specialized scanning machine. If you need x ray accessories then you should buy only the genuine parts.

Prior to the advent of this technology, dental impressions were to be conducted manually by orthodontists. This took up a lot of time and delayed other emergency dental procedures.

However, now, just with a simple scan, it is possible for an orthodontist to create the perfect mechanized impression of an individual’s dental structure. The courses on these scanning machines have been added to the orthodontic diploma courses. So that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Digital Imaging with 3D technology- 

This new addition to the orthodontic family is time-saving and very effective. Digital X-rays are vital in procuring images where everything is magnified and emphasized. This makes it easier for the orthodontist to spot the problem at a quick pace. 

Without the use of digital X-rays, it becomes more and more difficult to trace the problem and the orthodontist can end up making mistakes they don’t wish to. 

In addition to this, 3D technology produces digital X-ray images almost immediately. So you don’t have to wait for long hours just to understand what is going on with your teeth. 

Use of Nickel and Copper-Titanium Wires-

This is one of the most forward thought processes which has graced orthodontics. 

No more use of stainless steel wires is encouraged to undertake teeth-tightening and straightening procedures. With the use of stainless steel, a lot of infections could break out. Unless you had to visit your orthodontist very frequently to continuously get your teeth tightened. 

By shifting to the use of nickel and copper-titanium wires. It has definitely induced an upgrade in terms of the after-effects and sophistication. Not to mention the fact that copper and nickel do a really good job of blending in with all the heat that produces in your mouth. 

So, less frequent visits, saving more money, and following minimal restrictions. Sounds like a total win-win situation. 

Invisalign Braces-

This is definitely a blessing in disguise for those who do not wish to undergo the ugly braces phase which almost every teen has faced. Invisalign braces are transparent, flexible aligners that have been designed keeping in mind the customer’s comfort level. 

Since they are transparent, it is difficult to notice that the person has braces. In addition to it being visually satisfactory, they are also easy to move and clean. You can take them off to do important work, eat, brush, etc. 

But do remember to put them back on almost immediately. The longer you wear it, the more effective it is. 


The diploma courses in orthodontics as well as the post-graduate diploma in orthodontics have included all these new additions to the family so that you don’t end up missing out on anything.