Custom Apparel boxes, Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Apparel Boxes

 Today, every other girls and boy are mad for new and beautiful apparel. They like to buy new apparel from different brands and retailers. However, one thing which almost all of us prefer is the packaging in which apparels are packed. Attention-grabbing apparel boxes will make your clothes most eye-catchy as compared to the ones displayed in simple and ordinary looking packaging. Also, custom apparel boxes have stunning features that will give a spectacular appearance to your product packaging. Moreover, there are so many packaging companies that are making custom apparel packaging boxes with so many distinctive and unique customization offers to leave the customers in shock.

Custom Apparel boxes

Moreover, this packaging will enhance the virtual demand for their product. You can get your boxes in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, layout, and colors. However, the add-ons which companies offer to their customers include color foiling, unique window addition, different coatings, and the mesmeric embossing and debossing. Matte, gloss, and spot UV coating will give a finished and even look to your boxes. These coatings will keep your boxes safe even after the poor handling. All of them are water-resistant.

There are two types of window options given to customers. However, these windows make the selection of different products easier for the customers. They can see their desired apparel with the help of the window. In the PVC window, the clients can see the product but they cannot touch it directly because of the sheet placed on it. While in the die-cut window, customers can touch and see the apparels at the same time. Then customers can also opt embossing, and the debossing as this is also a helpful add-on. Therefore, by choosing the right add-ons for your apparel boxes, you can impress your customers in a better way and the demand for your product will also boost among the customers. Like, you can get prominence by embossing and debossing the brand titles, logos, and the names printed on your apparel packaging.

Sturdy And Durable Material Options For Apparel Boxes:

If we talk about the safety and guarantee of custom apparel boxes wholesale, then you will be amazed to know about the available material choice. Like, these boxes come with such types of materials that will give the eventual safety to the inside product.

Different packaging companies have introduced different types of materials. Additionally, it is all up to the customers which material they want to choose for their boxes. Complete liberty is given to customers by companies. They can finalize any material they find suitable for their apparel packaging.

Custom Apparel boxes

However, the most in use materials are cardboard, cardstock, Kraft, corrugated, and the rigid one. All these types of materials have the power to keep your product stay safe from all the strokes and jerks. The cardboard, kraft, and the rigid material come with the thickness in points. For instance, the perfect thickness for the cardboard and cardstock is between 12pt to 14pt. Additionally, the thickness of the kraft that has ideal for any product is between the 14pt to 22pt.

Furthermore, the rigid material is one of the stiffest ones among all the types of materials available in the market. Its shape is a little difficult to mold into any other shape once it gives a specific shape. However, its minimum thickness is 32pt. But this is one of the most luxurious looking materials. Many well-known clothing brands use this material for the packaging of clothes.

So, if you are looking forward to such type of material that will help in the safe and sound delivery of your products then there is an excellent option. That is a corrugated material. Yes!  You heard it right. This material has such properties that will give the ultimate protection to your products. You can use the boxes made from this material for the shipment purpose without any tension. This material comes in flutes for its thickness. Moreover, you can add and subtract the flutes as per the requirement of your products.

Embellishments That Companies Provide To Give A More Charming Look:

Custom Apparel boxes
  • Foiling:

Foiling provides a  sheen and mesmerizing look to the apparel boxes.  Companies provide foiling in different colors. It can be green, blue, beige or any color you like. Moreover, gold and silver foiling is very popular among retailers these days. It gives a royal and premium look to the boxes. Besides, the demand for foil stamping is also increasing these days. You can also use foiling to enhance your logo.

  • Embossing and debossing:

To give a more visible look to the name of your brand or any message or image, different companies also provide embossing and debossing to achieve the best look to your boxes. In embossing, the text is raised above the background. On the other hand, in debossing, the text or images is sunken into the surface of the box.

  • Window addition for boxes:

If you want your apparel boxes to look amazing, while they are on the retail shelves or in the market. Then, packaging companies will provide window cuts that can give an aesthetically amazing look to the boxes. However, companies provide two types of window additions. The die-cut window helps to showcase your product and give an outstanding look to the box at the same time. Other than this, the PVC window is also available for customers. But you cannot touch it as it comes with a plastic sheet covering. The PVC window is that it protects your product from dust particles and environmental pollution.