Understanding The Effectiveness Of Clear Braces

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If someone has irregular teeth positioning or requires a jaw correction, dental braces are the appliances often used. The braces help in aligning or straightening the teeth to the corrected position. Made of wires, brackets, and bands, braces also aid in the improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics.

Braces are of various types including metal conventional braces, metal self-ligating braces, lingual braces, aligners, and ceramic braces. Depending upon dentition, your dentist can best decide about treatment options and modalities. 

Increased Trend of Clear Braces

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces are orthodontic appliances used to straighten teeth and fix bite problems. The braces involve clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets attached to the surface of your teeth with likewise colored wires and rubber bands. 

Clear braces are the most popular especially among adults. Before you opt for it, read till the end to understand what clear braces are and how effective they are. Also, check if any aspects do not suit you.

Less excruciating – Clear braces are comparatively less painful to metal braces because the ceramic used is not as harsh as metal.

More Esthetic – Because of the transparent glass-like material, clear braces are not that visible. The brackets used in these braces can be matched to your color teeth. 

Long-Lasting – Some people are doubtful about getting clear braces as they feel that these braces are not durable. However, the braces can be trusted. These are hard to damage and will last throughout your treatment.

Cost – While clear braces are a little more expensive than metal braces, they are still cost-effective. Considering other aspects like the method of fixing crooked teeth which is less expensive to alternatives like clear aligners, clear braces fit your pocket well.

Size of Brackets – Initially the brackets used in clear braces used to be big. While these are smaller nowadays, ceramic braces still have bigger brackets than traditional metal braces. Now, this may be something you would not want. But what negates their size is that the braces are tooth-colored. Hence you can take a decision accordingly.

Staining of Teeth – The clear ties often used with these braces may stain if inappropriate foods are consumed. You may need to wait for your next appointment with your orthodontist who can remove the stains when the braces have been taken off.

More Brittle – Clear braces are durable however can be damaged if they are exposed to too much pressure over a long period. Metal braces are a better option in case your teeth require extensive treatment.

Clear braces are an effective treatment method. The discretion to choose according to tooth color is indeed appeasing. However, this decision best rests with your dentist. So leave it on him/ her. Nothing is embarrassing even if your braces are visible. Think about the post-treatment results that will lend your teeth perfect alignment and straightening. Till then, it’s all worth the pain.

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