The Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Area Rug like a Pro

Area rugs are designed specifically to enhance the overall aesthetic and appearance of a room. Generally, most rug owners consider that vacuum cleaning and stain blotting is quite enough for proficient Area Rug Cleaning. But, it is quite necessary to maintain the overall quality and emergence of your rugs and carpets proficiently.

That’s why; it is beneficial to consider professional ‘Area Rug Cleaning near Me.’ The expert and qualified rug cleaners use the latest tools and equipment to better remove dirt, grime, and dust from the carpet. Also, the area rug should be handled professionally because it impacts the rug quality and its fiber. Gladly, you don’t need to clean the area rug every other day. But, if your rug tolerates heavy traffic, then go for professional rug cleaning after every few months.  

How to determine Area Rug’s Need?

It is somewhat necessary to determine whether your area rug needs professional cleaning or not? Here are some top and effective ways to determine whether your area rug requires professional cleaning or not.

  1. Hit or kick back your rug’s corner with great effort. If it causes intolerable dirt and grime, then you should think about cleaning it professionally.
  2. Use your hand’s palm and rub the pile of the rug for 10 to 12 seconds. If dirt starts sticking to your hand, then consider professional area rug cleaning for proficient results.
  3. One of the most remarkable ways to determine your area rug’s condition is to ‘pick-up your rug’s corner and fold it.’ Once you have folded the corner, properly examine the base of the pile foundation. If you see visible dust and dirt, then it’s an evident indication of hiring a professional team for cleaning purposes.

Impact of Your Regular Maintenance on Area Rug Quality

Regular maintenance is imperative to enhance the quality and over the life of a rug. It is suggested to go for spot cleaning and vacuum cleaning for the perfect eradication of dust and dirt out of the carpet.

Remember; try to walk bare feet on the rug as your shoes carry germs and dust and make your rug look dirty. However, if vacuum cleaning and DIY solutions don’t work on the rug, go for professional assistance. It is quite risky to clean your chic and posh rug without any knowledge and skills.

Area Rug Cleaning Methods

Different types of fibers are used for the preparation of top-quality area rug. That’s why; there’s not a particular method to clean your area rug like a pro. You can opt for any method based on your rug’s condition, quality, and fiber.

Usually, people prefer saving money and clean their area rugs at home. It not only wastes valuable time but damaged the rug too. That’s why; always use the internet as a primary source for searching for the finest ‘area rug cleaners near me’. Properly check reviews, recommendations, customers rating and then choose the most reliable company for your area rug.

Undoubtedly, hiring professionals is the best way to preserve the rug’s quality and overall life. Also, this way, you can save valuable time, money, and effort. Otherwise, cleaning at home could waste the money and your rug’s eminence.

How to Clean Synthetic Area Rugs?

The perfect thing about small synthetic rugs is that they can be washed easily. Simply add the cold water and detergent to the washer and start cleaning the synthetic rug. In general, most synthetic rugs are strapping, but it still is preferable to wash them with proper care. Spin the cycle slowly and delicately. Remember, a high-speed spinning cycle isn’t suitable for your rug.

If you have a large area rug, then you can clean it in a bathtub. Fill-up the bathtub with cold water and add the required quantity of detergent afterward. Remember; try to clean one rug at a time and clean it properly.

Properly check your rug’s tag before you start cleaning it. Only a machine- dried rug should be clean in a dryer. Also, avoid the direct exposure of rugs to the sun as it can affect its fiber negatively. Correctly place your rugs on the porch and give them a full time to be dried entirely. Usually, it takes a few hours to dry area rugs accurately.

What Is The Perfect Way To Clean Silk And Wollen Rugs?

As we mentioned earlier, silk and wollen rugs are costly and delicate. You can’t clean them at home. That’s why; it’s better not to take the risk of cleaning them at home. The professionals use the latest tools and equipment for deep cleaning of such posh rugs. Therefore, take the assistance of a professional rug cleaning company to maintain its prominence for a longer time.

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