Some Surprising Benefits of Using Lavender Oil and Its Buying Guide

Lavender is one of the most familiar fragrances we usually experience in the car, wardrobe, or washroom. Its intense floral aroma is used in many products meant for keeping your surroundings fresh. How about using its pure extract at home? The essential oil of lavender is easily available in the market and highly demanded in spas. Its mood-changing fragrance provides relief from a stressful life. Along with mood changing properties, this oil also comprises many health benefits. Here is a list of some surprising features you will get in Lavender oil:-

  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory

Pure Lavender oil comprises mild sedating features that relax down our brain and muscles. Here is a list of some health issues where you can consider Lavender oil as an effective remedy. 

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

  • Soothing burns

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender are very useful for healing burns. Along with reducing inflammation and pain, its antimicrobial properties keep the wounds safe from infection. Various studies on lavender oil revealed that it increases the speed of burns recovery if applied by mixing with coconut oil. Not just for healing the burns & inflammation but it also helps in reducing the scars. Usually, scars remain permanently on the burnt skin and require plastic surgery for hiding. If you are continuously using lavender oil for burns even after their healing, most of the skin will gradually attain its original pigment. 

  • Depression relief

Aromatherapy is a proven remedy for depression relief. The studies on lavender oil shows positive results on people suffering from mild to severe symptoms of depression. There is no need to visit any aromatherapy center. Just buy essential oil of lavender online or from the local market and use it regularly according to the instructions mentioned on the label. Mental health experts prefer antidepressant medicine along with aromatherapy for maximum benefit. Even the premium rehabilitation centers also consider aromatherapy as an integral part of their mental health treatment programs. 

  • Anxiety relief

The mind relaxing properties of lavender oil also provide relief from anxiety. If you are experiencing rapid heart rate, chest pain, sweating, palpitations and other symptoms of anxiety, use lavender oil essence for instant relief. All leading aromatherapists prefer lavender oil for anxiety relief along with psychotherapies. 

  • Pain relief

Whether it a post-surgical pain or physical injury, lavender oil works effectively on every issue. After C-section surgery, ladies experience the intense painful sensation. Lavender oil work as a painkiller to reduce pain. You just need to inhale lavender essential oil for 3-4 minutes by infusing in a wick. 

  • Acne treatment

Cutibacterium acnes aka Propionibacterium acnes is an acne-causing bacteria that mostly activates during the hormonal fluctuation in the body. Consequently, clogged pores pop out with painful acne. The lavender oil comprises antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which provide significant relief from discomfort. You just need to soak cotton in the lavender oil and rub on the face where pimples exist. 

  • Eczema relief

Dry skin is the main reason for eczema which causes intense itching. After some time, you will also notice the scaly surface. Along with extra body oil removal, lavender also reduces itchiness and redness. Its anti-fungal properties are good for every type of skin. 

Where to Buy Lavender Oil?

Search for the renowned brands of essential oils currently supplying in your locality. Visit their websites to explore the options of lavender oil. Premium quality pure essential oils come in dark glass bottles that preserve oil properties in various temperatures and lighting conditions. Always read the instructions about its safe use because excessive use of lavender oil also has side effects like skin irritation and headache. 

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