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How to clean a fabric sofa? Steps and tricks to make it like new

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We can find a great diversity of types of sofa, but the fabric one is the most common, and the one we usually use to rest, enjoy with family or friends, in most spaces. For this reason, in this post, we show you how to clean a fabric sofa to obtain the best results.

The sofa is an element that we use almost daily, therefore, it is easy to find stains or dirt accumulated on its surfaces. At Clean Couches Sydney, we are aware that fabric upholstery can gradually lose its original appearance, but we assure you that with adequate professional cleaning, frequently, you will be able to keep it in optimal condition for much longer.

If you are interested in knowing how to keep a fabric sofa clean, be sure to read and take note of all the tips and tricks that we tell you below.

Why choose a fabric sofa?

Before teaching you how to clean a fabric sofa, we must delve into the reasons and advantages that encourage placing this type of furniture. In fact, it is one of the cheapest options.

To begin with, we must highlight the existence of numerous products, such as spray to clean the sofa, to carry out adequate conservation of these, as well as make them waterproof and resistant to any type of stain or spill. In short, the cleaning and maintenance of fabric sofas are quite simple.

But not only that, these pieces of furniture can be found in a wide variety of patterns and finishes, which will give that touch that you were looking for to the decoration of your spaces. However, you must bear in mind that to know how to clean a fabric sofa, you must take into account its characteristics.

In any case, the most relevant aspects of this class of sofas are the following:

Clean Couches Sydney offer. Normally, this will depend on the capacity that it has, to adapt to the body of the person who uses it.

It’s great resistance. If you have a fabric sofa, you will know very well that it is a fairly resistant piece of furniture, which supports the weight and a constant rate of use quite well.

How to clean your fabric sofa?

The first thing you must take into account to know how to clean your fabric sofa or armchair is what type of dirt we can find on it. Is there homogeneous dirt? Does it present stains of different origins? Depending on this, it will be necessary to adopt one method or another of cleaning.

If we know how to clean a fabric sofa, depending on the dirt it presents, we can guarantee the best results, for its proper maintenance. It is also essential to check what type of fabric makes up its surfaces, to be much more precise. For example, one may be perfectly washable and the other requires dry cleaning.

So, to clean the fabric sofa, you must take note of some of the methods or factors to take into account, when proceeding with this task and to be able to preserve the hygiene and the best aspect of this type of furniture. furniture. Here’s how to proceed:

Vacuum them

To learn how to clean a fabric sofa, you must follow this first step, which consists of vacuuming its surfaces to get rid of all the dust and dirt it may contain.

Brush them

Another way to guarantee a good cleaning of your fabric sofa is to brush it at least once a week. In this way, you will immediately begin to notice the results. In this case, you should make sure to use a brush that is not too harsh or abrasive, as passing it over their surfaces could deteriorate them or damage the fabric of the fabric.

Clean surfaces

If you want to know how to properly clean a fabric sofa, you have to take care of all of its surfaces. Do not forget the hygiene of the armrests or the edges of the same. To do this, you can use a damp cloth and a little detergent, and finally, rinse these parts, to remove the remains of foam and the product you have used.

Steam cleaning

If you have one of these machines, you just have to attach the upholstery cleaning accessory, which usually comes with all models, to complete the task successfully. Carry out this task in parts, to achieve a correct cleaning and disinfection in your fabric sofa. To finish, you will only have to wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth, to remove any type of dirt, and let it dry naturally.

Dry foam cleaning

This is a great option to obtain excellent results in the cleaning of the upholstery of the sofas. In any case, after applying it to the sofa, you will have to wait the time recommended in the product’s instructions for it to act and remove dirt.

When the indicated time has elapsed, use a damp sponge, and in the form of circles, pass it over the surfaces repeatedly, until you get rid of any type of residue. Finally, remove the dried foam and decide between vacuuming or brushing the surfaces.

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