Rigid packaging boxes are ideal for wedding card boxes:

It is a tradition to declare wedding and invite people with wedding cards around the globe. Moreover, as it is an important part of the wedding, people invest in its beautiful appearance. Wedding is the most important and special day for everyone. For this reason, people want everything to be special on their day.

Do you think why today people prefer to send wedding invites artistically? The answer is that when you send wedding invites, it creates an impression on the receivers. For this reason, rigid boxes are the best choice for wedding cards as it provides a luxurious look to the boxes. Furthermore, many surprising ways of making boxes that are up to the mark are enough to amuse people.

What to write on card boxes for a wedding?

The first thing people think about while designing retail boxes is what to write on the box. Moreover, you can start by printing a sweet and beautiful wedding wish. You can either write a random affectionate wish or print a custom wish with the wedding couple’s name.

For making it more appealingly, print some graphics, artwork, and printing pattern on the box to give boxes a unique and appealing look. Apart from that, print the name of people you are going to invite on the box and let them know how special they are for you.

Sleeve card boxes:

Among different rigid packaging styles, sleeve boxes are the most demanding way of designing boxes. The more you try to make the packaging beautiful, the more it will tell people about the happiness and excitement on a special day.

rigid packaging

Moreover, you can get these boxes in custom shape, and size. Furthermore, sleeve boxes are a trendy choice for manufacturing boxes for wedding cards. For people who want to create an everlasting first impression, sleeve card boxes are the right choice. It adds the touch of decency and luxury to the invitations.

Pillow boxes for wedding cards:

If you want to make the appearance simple and classy, pillow shape boxes are the right choice for you. This style gives boxes a pretty appearance even if you do not want to add fancy embellishments.

Getting this box and selecting the right colour combination gives elegance to the box and builds everlasting first impression. Apart from that, this packaging design is something new. This packaging style is a perfect choice to set yourself apart from other traditional ways of designing boxes.

Boxes with floral patterns:

Who does not like flowers? Everyone does. For this reason, people who love flowers prefer to give a floral theme to their wedding card boxes as well. Moreover, the floral print on the box increase the beauty and look good to the eyes at the same time.

Select an accurate colour combination by mixing light and dark tones to enhance the boxes’ floral print. Apart from that, if you do not want to print flowers, you can use a similar colour combination.

Add-ons to give rigid boxes extremely amazingly appearance:

The most important part of making wedding card boxes is using different ways of giving it a fantastic appearance. For this reason, packaging companies offer different embellishments that help to provide these boxes with a fantabulous outlook.

Rigid boxes are itself trendy for a premium look. Decorating them with some add-ons increase its beauty even more. Here are some ways of embellishing boxes amazingly.

First of all, foiling is the best way of giving these boxes pretty look. You can print everything on the box with foiling, foil a selective part or even the overall box. The choice is all yours. Moreover, foiling is available in many colours, but gold and silver are more in demand.

Apart from that, print artwork and designing patterns with embossing and debossing. It gives box an extremely decent and graceful look. In embossing, the printing is raised from the surface. On the other hand, in debossing, the printing is recessed towards the surface.

Add windows:

Windows give a beautiful appearance to the boxes as well as provide an inside look of the box. It is the best technique to raise a curiosity in people. Displaying wedding cards from outsiders urge people to open the box and see cards closely. For this reason, windows are very in today. There are two types of window cuts. Die-cut window provides a seeable and touchable look to the boxes. In this window, people can touch the cards as well from the outside. Contrary to it, the PVC window gives a seeable effect only.

If you want rigid boxes for wedding cards, approach the best packaging company in town and place an order now.

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