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New Home Buyers Guide for Kent

You will discover quite a few new homes becoming built in Kent and competition for buyers is fierce. What follows is often a list of points to think about and investigate when you happen to be shopping around for a new home builder. The process might be bewildering at first but there’s plenty of information readily available and, additional importantly, you can find superior deals to be had for those who’re prepared to utilize it. Get more details about kent ro service centre

Discounts and Incentives

When comparing rates involving builders, it can be a good notion to inquire about what incentives are readily available. Companies providing new homes for sale in Kent routinely cover estate agent fees, solicitor’s fees and/or stamp duty to encourage you to get with them. Whilst this can be fully legal, you’ll want to check meticulously that you’ll find not other things the company is wanting to hide by dazzling you with discounts. If you are certainly not right away presented an incentive, don’t be shy about negotiating. Companies would rather sell the house than not, so you could possibly be shocked what sort of deal you end up with.


A house is no good if it falls down or will need heavy repair immediately after two or 3 years. In case you obtain a deal that’s also good to be true, it most likely is. Take the time to read up around the various builders and make sure you ask for, and follow up on, references. You could even be capable of view a house that’s 3 or four years old if there are actually open houses in the region. Speaking to present owners will provide you with a good idea of what to expect not just from build high quality but additionally customer support just before and right after your move-in date.

Design Control

Traditionally, homebuilders have presented 3 or four set plans from which you may choose. New companies have began a more flexible interior scheme that allows the purchaser to arrange rooms to far more accurately suit their way of life. The room layout and finish are totally negotiable, sometimes even just after you have moved in! Bedrooms can be made bigger or smaller, kitchen moved about to accommodate a home office and bathrooms scaled to suit your family. Basically it is like designing your individual house without having paying an architect or designer.

Acquiring Strategy

Being stuck within a property chain is frustrating and demoralizing. Possessing your fate decided by gun-shy strangers is extremely stressful and ends badly far more normally that we would like it to. Some innovative new home builders are providing to buy your preceding property and save you the hassle of waiting around for the chain to be resolved. You’ll find terms and circumstances that really should be investigated fully to create certain the scheme is suitable for you but usually times the compact loss you take is well worth the reduction in stress.

You will discover numerous reasons why buying a brand new home in Kent is desirable. Investing a little time to study the area’s builders might be an enormous aid in making certain you get the most beneficial deal, as will possessing the patience to shop around and ask inquiries. With housing prices being so higher, builders are undertaking all the things they are able to to sell their properties. Why not benefit from the existing predicament and get the new house of your dreams?