How to clean your natural mattress?

How to clean your natural mattress?

What a joy to be able to sleep on a natural mattress! The latter has the power to match your body shape and make your nights sweeter. Everything is perfect until the day when having a good breakfast in bed, you spill your coffee! Above all, do not give in to panic because this disease can be repaired … As part of the maintenance of the natural mattress, cleaning is an approach to be taken to extend its life.

The necessary equipment
organic mattress protector, it is easy to machine wash. Once this step is completed, you can tackle the bulk of the work: Washing the mattress. For best results, you should set aside 1 to 2 hours of your schedule to switch to Mattress Cleaning in Sydney. You will need a vacuum with a soft brush, a spray bottle, a compatible cleaner, white vinegar, a hairdryer, a flat surface, and water.

Steps for washing
Once you have gathered all your equipment, you can start cleaning the mattress:

 1. Cleaning the mattress with the vacuum cleaner
Place the mattress directly on the floor. This first step aims to remove lint and dust before they reach deeper into the mattress.

2. Optimal Use of Cleaners
Fill a spray bottle one-third full with compatible cleaner and two-thirds of water. It remains only to spray the mixture on all sides. After letting it sit for 30 to 45 minutes, rinse it off. Repeat the step, but this time with a quarter of vinegar and three-quarters of water.

3. Drying the mattress
For quick drying, favor a hairdryer to use every 2 or 3 hours to speed up the process. The total time to dry should be around two days’ maximum.

Remove stains from the natural mattress
Encrusted stains
To remove encrusted stains from your natural mattress, choose pure black soap. Soaked on a sponge, rub vigorously then rinse with hot water. The alternative to pure black soap could be soda crystals, which are also effective. Soak in hot water, soak in a sponge, target the stain, and rinse.

Traces of perspiration
For traces of perspiration, sprinkle the area of soil, known for its degreasing and stain removal power. After leaving it on for a few hours, proceed with brushing, and rinse with water if necessary.

Moisture stains
For this type of stain, mix 30 g of grated soap, 30 g of starch, 15 g of fine salt, and lemon juice. Cover the stain with the resulting paste and leave to act for an hour or two. Then you have to remove the paste and rinse with clear water.

Urine stains
A real classic when you have children … To remedy this problem, use a mixture of baking soda and tea tree essential oil and rub the area and then rinse with clean water.

One of the misconceptions about blood stains is that they should be cleaned with hot water. Fault! Always use cold water: Let an ice cube melt on the stain then rub with white vinegar before dabbing with a clean cloth …

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