Machines Used for Timber Floor Sanding and Finishing

Having a hardwood floor in your room is amazing. It looks beautiful and elegant. But unfortunately, like other floorings, hardwood floors also worn out losing its shine and exposing bare wood that doesn’t leave a good impression on the guest. It will not satisfy your comfort and taste of cleanliness if you are a vivid and responsible housewife. It is important to call on experts for timber floor sanding and finishing before it gets worn off completely.

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Importance of Timber Floor Sanding and Finishing

Floorings need time-to-time maintenance to prevent damage and make them weathered. Regular washing or cleaning cannot ensure the longevity of floors, specifically timber floors. To enjoy long-life with your expensive hardwood floors, floor sanding is a crucial aspect. By doing this, you can enjoy the following benefits. 

1.      Save costs 

Replacing a floor, especially the wooden floor, is a big investment. Matching, material quality, and installation might demand you to break the bank. But regular (annual, quarter, etc.) upkeep can cut the costs incredibly. You just have to hire a professional at a reasonable charge and get the job done with accurate tools/materials.

2.      Stress-free process 

Most people think that sending floor requires a lot of time (relocating the family from one place to another) but hiring expert sanders guarantees the removal of more than 95% of germs and dust. Their fast and innocuous cleaning and finishing system enable you to bring your walk back around the sanded and refinished area within 24 hours or less. Hence, keeping it simple and making it beneficial. 

3.      Safety guaranteed 

Not all damages are visible. In fact, some invisible damages are more dangerous. Dust produces allergens that, if not removed, can make life tough with time. Sanding your floors ahead of time, prevent tons of problems that can affect wooden floors. That way, you and your family’s health is ensured.

4.       Keep up the visual appealing 

Appearance matters! But if durability combines with beautiful texture, it doubles the value. If you are planning to resale your property, ensuring the good condition of your timber floor is a must-have. If you notice any damage sanding and refinishing is the best thing to do on. It eliminates the dust and grime and attracts the buyers when you show your property to them.

5.      Get bespoke results

Pretty colors leave a good impact on the eyes and mind. With sanding, you can shape up the floors beneath you according to your choice. People like to stain their floors and follow fashion trends. Grey, dark, whitewashed, and so on

Types of Timber Floor Sanders

While you are narrowing down your choice for sanding hardwood floors, it is important to have an idea about all the techniques used by professionals to restore the shine of wood floors. There are many factors to consider prior to performing floor sanding. Knowing the wood type is one of the vital steps.

Different sanding machines used for sanding are;

·         Random orbit sanders

These types of sanders are available in three categories, including air, electric, and orbital sanders. The air and electric-powered versions are handhelds, while the orbital versions are huge machines that roll on the floor surface.

A random orbit sanders offer adjustable sanding angles of the disk and head. First introduced in the early eighties, these sanders were deliberated to combine speed and power. Additionally, it can provide a better finish than the orbital sanders. 

·         A belt sander

A belt sander is also used in finishing timber wood floors. Mostly, it includes an electric motor that converts a pair of drums where a continuous sandpaper loop is integrated. This machine can be a handheld tool that is placed over the material, or stationary tools, where the floor material is placed on the answer. Due to having smooth doles, belt sanders are mostly used during the initial stages of the scrubbing procedure. The fuse of fine-grit sandpaper along with belt sander can help you achieve best floor consistency. Further, belt sanders come in a variety of size and construction.

·         Manual sanding

 In most cases, manual sanding involves the use of specific sandpapers that have a specific level of grit. However, one can use a different drum sander to complete the process. It comprises a cylindrical wheel that has special mounting surfaces on the outer surface. It is said that this technique will soon be ruled out. Because modern sanding machines are perfectly gelled with the type of wooden floor and are more efficient as well as simple to use. In particular, this type of sanding is often less costly though it requires lots of human resources, especially for large floors.

·         Sheet sanders

These sheet sanders are designed to be functional with conventional sandpapers in sanding hardwood floors. The prime advantage of sheet sander is that it is readily available and forthright to use. Usually, the sheets are often cut into small portions and then mounted on the flat section of the sander. Also, these types of sanders comprise of special motors that cause the sanding pad to move in a circular motion. It functions in the same way as a random orbital sander, only that the random model comes with a special offset drive bearing. As the movement of these sanders is combined, this causes the pad to provide sanding functionality. The sanding power can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

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