Is a Top Load Washing Machine Better than a Front Load One?

Is a Top Load Washing Machine Better than a Front Load One?

Whatever washing machine you choose to buy, their function is the same – washing clothes. Nonetheless, when you consider the kinds of washing machines that are available, such as top load and front loading washing machines, you may discover that selection becomes complicated. Ultimately, you have to decide on an appliance that best matches the requirements of you and your family. 

There are obvious differences between the two, and these will influence your final decision. The best washing machine that you can buy is the one that you can handle well, and is convenient for you and your family’s washing requirements. Besides the obvious difference of the location of the door, there are other important differences that you should know. 


  • Size and space – People think of the location of the door (or lid), and base their initial decision to buy a washing machine on this factor. The other important thing that people think about is the capacity of the machine. A front load washer can take more load and yet, take up less space in your home. The top loading machines come with an agitator, and this isn’t a space saver. Nonetheless, some top loading models do come with narrow designs nowadays, and they can fit into nice compact slots in your home. All this depends, of course, on the brand you want to buy from. 
  • Cost – One of the major reasons why people choose top loading models is because of their affordability. Many people find the cost of top loading machines to be relatively cheaper and opt for those models. Besides, they appeal to seniors who find the top loading facility easier to handle, along with the ease of loading. If price is a big factor in your purchase, you might find your best match in a top loading machine. 
  • Structural aspects – A front load machine uses paddles (located on the side of the drum) and has no agitator. Front load machines are, therefore, gentler on your clothes, and though they will give you a robust wash cycle, there’s less of a chance of clothing wear and tear. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that top loads aren’t efficient enough to look after your clothes. 
  • Electricity and water use – Conserving resources is of prime importance to many people, and the world at large. Front loading washing machine uses less water than top loading ones. Top load machines usually come in a capacity that is ideal for smaller wash loads. Since front loading machines have larger capacities, more clothes can be washed at once, and hence, you will run wash cycles less frequently. In the long run, you will save considerably on electricity and water costs. 

Fully Automatic Machines

Whether you choose a front load machine or a top load one, there is no best washing machine, except for whichever model meets your needs. You get fully automatic machines in both kinds of models – front and top load. Buying a fully automatic machine means that you can control your machine with the touch of a button. 

Most good brands like Bosch and Haier, as well as Whirlpool and LG, have digital displays with touch screens as well. This makes things easy for you, and since this is a big investment for your whole family, it makes sense to buy one that is versatile and lasts longer.

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