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How To Explore Jeddah On A Virtual Tour With Faremakers?

Jeddah is the hotspot of Arabia. Being an Islamic city, it is still the hub of modernization and development. It is mostly known for its Guinness world records, culture, spiritual places, structural wonders and flag carrier Saudi Airlines Flights, which provide the services at the international level. In fact, the millions of the pilgrimages land at the Jeddah airport before entering in the city of Makkah and Medina. However, to save time and money, explore the following in Jeddah, on a virtual tour.

Fountain of King Fahd:

The main perk of a virtual tour is to view this fountain from all sides. The fountain creates 88 meters high water stream from the Red Sea. This is the highest water fountain in the world, of its type. You can see it even from a distant point into the city. However, during a virtual tour, you can enjoy this illuminating scene at night. Where naked eye cannot approach, your virtual live camera provides you with the best side view.

Royal greens golf:

Left from Fountain, your camera would be moving the golf clubs of Jeddah. Fully established in 1974, these golf clubs offer great men’ union and some memorable golf matches. The lush green grassy plains confirm a perfect golf match. Not only this, but one can also visit the training center with the same golf clubs. One can also visit the lavish cocktail bar of Jeddah, here.

Jeddah theme park:

Jeddah’ theme parks are famous for their activities. Parks like Al Shalal and more, let you swing in the sky and wave in water. A 3D virtual tour would give you the real feeling enjoying these tours. You will be having goose bumps after a virtual ride in Jeddah.

Mall of Arabia:

Do you want to visit Jeddah with all accessories?

Come to the Mall of Arabia, located in the center of Jeddah city. You would need an entire day, if you explore this mall on foot. There are dozens of lanes and tones of variety for the life- products. The mall is so beautifully designed, that it has become a tourist attraction for all physical and virtual tourists.

Red sea mall:

Likewise, the Red sea mall is another great shopping arena of Jeddah. It is not only stuffed with great brands and items; it provides you with the best food stops. One can come and relax here for long. Also, you can visit its sitting lounges, gym and fitness centers, gaming places, cinemas and more. What else, is needed for the entertainment virtual tour?

Fakieh Aquarium:

The beauty of Jeddah lies at the aquarium of Fakieh. The glass encages more than 200 marine species. These species include Fish, crabs, turtles etc. However, the most favorite marine animal is the playing dolphins. Tourists really get bliss, viewing these dolphins in the water. Through a virtual tour, you can enjoy a live dolphin show at home. Likewise, visit the blue ocean restaurant as well.

Al Rahma mosque:

This mosque has been constructed along the Red sea, with a total area of 30 Kilometres. With lime, blue towers, the wall has been painted all white. The mosque looks like a pearl in water, during a high tide in the Red sea. Your virtual camera would not only focus on the interiors of the mosque but also show you 100s of Muslims, prostrating towards God.

In fact, you can also experience this holy place tour physically by taking Lahore to Jeddah Flights and turn your virtual tour experience into the realistic form.

Al Baik Chicken:

Everybody is well familiar with Al Baik. It’s the biggest fast-food chain of Jeddah, which competes with KFC, mc Donald’s, burger king in the world. During a physical tour, you may only rest and enjoy the crunchy baked chicken at the outlet. However, a virtual tour let you visit the inside of the Al Baik kitchen. Explore how the well quality chicken is washed, crisped and baked. You would be surprised to see the discipline at Albaik kitchen.

Also enjoy a visit to Jeddah’ Park Hyatt, Rosewood hotels for free in a virtual tour.

Al Jeddah Lighthouse:

Jeddah’ lighthouse has been regarded as the tallest active lighthouse of the world. It is 433 meters tall. Standing in the red sea, it illuminates the sea passages. Also, it is the biggest sea spot in the history of Islamic dry port and shipping area.

Tourists also visit adjacent fish outlets.

Jeddah Flagpole:

Arabia flag flies on the tallest flagpole in the world. The sleek flagpole shines the Islamic glory to the world. Moreover, it is one of the biggest selfie spots for tourists. In fact, it is the confirmation that one has visited Jeddah. However, virtual tourists not need to worry because they can take their selfie by pausing their screen or demanding a custom selfie.