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How popular is law degree in Singapore?

law degree in Singapore

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Law degree is widely regarded as a respected degree that opens various avenues to work in multiple sectors. Students can make a successful career in this field and can earn good financial remuneration along the way. This is why law as an industry has always been highly popular and counted among the best professions. 

Law degree is also very popular in Singapore which has emerged as a global hub for business. Students from all over the world come to this city-state to get quality education at an affordable price. Law courses in Singapore can help you achieve your professional dreams as many international students have found this place suitable for pursuing their educational pursuits and have made a strong career here. 

Though before moving to Singapore, you must understand the legal system of the place and why the city has become so popular with international students. 

Singapore’s legal system:

The legal system of Singapore completely established as per the English common law system. Law in the city-state has various divisions which include administrative law, contract law, and equity and trust law among others. This also includes Criminal law

Singapore has its bar system and also follows the English case law which is applicable in the country. Also, the main legal document that outlines Singapore’s legal system is ‘The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore’.

Studying in Singapore:

The cosmopolitan city-state witnesses many international students annually apply to study at renowned universities/institutes. Law is among the popular program which chosen by students due to the numerous career advantages it provides. 

Singapore is famous for its academic excellence and known for its technological advancements. The same brought into classroom studies where students are provided with state of the art facilities. 

When it comes to work opportunities, nothing beats Singapore which is a hub of many multinational companies. This makes it easier for students to find excellent well-paying jobs. Apart from this, there are numerous other factors that makes studying law in Singapore such a great option. 

Life in Singapore: 

Since many international students choose to study in Singapore, it has a great blend of crowd. This makes it easier for foreign students to live here and engage in day-to-day activities. 

Being a cosmopolitan and multicultural society, Singapore has people from various religions and cultures. This makes it easier for outsiders to fit into society. Also English among the four main languages spoken in Singapore which includes Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Not only students taught in English, but the language also used in the workplace establishing a uniform way of communication. 

Along with this Singapore offers a high quality of life with convenient transportation, an amiable environment, and a friendly atmosphere. It is often been ranked among the safest cities in the world and has a very low crime rate. This along with its diversity attracts students from all over the world who enjoy the high-quality education provided in this city-state. 

There are many law programs that students can pursue in Singapore and make a suitable career. Not only is a law degree popular but also highly respected in Singapore.