Everything that You Must Know About Duvet Covers

Autumn and winters are associated with three types of bed textile clothing, which are duvet covers, bed sheets and comforters. What type of the above products you purchase is purely subjective, depending on your taste? In the past few years, duvet covers have gained more familiarity and popularity.

What are duvet covers?

A duvet cover is a piece of bedding that is made up of two-layered fabrics that are joined on the sides and the top. The lower side, which is placed on the footbed, is open to keep the added filing inside firm and steadfast. This filling provides heat inside. The duvet cover is still relatively a new fashion. It is basically a cover for blankets or duvets that has a Nordic filling inside. This kind of filling provides heat and is lightweight. If you follow fashion, you are sure to possess a duvet cover. It reflects your taste, personality, and a keen sense of fashion. The designs and prints on them are unique and trendy.

Things to keep in mind before buying a duvet cover-There are three fundamental concepts that you must keep in mind while buying a duvet cover viz: composition, size of the bed and closure form.

What is the composition of the duvet cover? Basically, there are three compositions for duvet covers:

  • 100% cotton duvet cover that consists of natural fiber, is very soft and has a long-running touch.
  • Duvet cover that has a 50-50 ratio of cotton and polyester are soft, has an enduring touch and is easy to iron.
  • 100% polyester duvet cover is mushy and does not need ironing. It also has an enduring touch.

What goes inside a duvet cover?

The quilted fabric that is put inside the duvet cover and provides warmth is called the duvet. When purchasing a duvet, you must understand its composition, weight, and size. The material of the fillings can be synthetic or natural. Natural Nordic flings, however, are more expensive than the synthetic ones.

Natural filling: in such a filling, the feather and downs of birds such as geese and ducks are used. This kind of filling traps heat inside and therefore keeps the sleeper warm. It also absorbs moisture and regulates body temperature. This type of duvet cover is the most popular. However, it needs special care while cleaning it to prevent the filling from incurring damage.

Synthetic filling: the material that is used in such a filling is the synthetic fiber. The body heat emitted by our body is trapped by it. The two types of synthetic fillers are the Synthetic microfiber filling and Synthetic silicone hollow fiber filling. Natural fillings are mushy, warm and easily breathable than synthetic fillings.

Size of the duvet covers

Duvet covers come in different sizes. These are categorized as king size duvet covers, queen size duvet covers, Olympic queen duvet covers. There may also be twin duvet covers and cal king duvet covers.  

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