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Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Guidance

Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

Cryptocurrency MLM software is used for marketing crypto coins like Bitcoin. It works in a completely decentralized and autonomous manner. Multi-level marketing also called network marketing or referral marketing. Companies incentivize the users for promoting their products and services to their friends and family members. We develop Cryptocurrency MLM software on platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON. The disadvantages in traditional MLM like distrust among the users, delayed transactions, lack of transparency, and mutability can be overcome with our modern Cryptocurrency MLM software

Features of Cryptocurrency MLM Software are:

  • Support for numerous payment gateways – Most of the leading cryptocurrencies accepted on the cryptocurrency based MLM software through the flexible payment gateway. This satisfies different kinds of investors conveniently. The Bitcoin API processes all the transactions in a lightning-fast manner. Easy deposits and withdrawals also ensured. 
  • Robust security measures – The users’ account information can never be stolen or misused by anyone due to measures like a pin code structure, SSL protection, and two-factor authentication. 
  • Presence of graphical reports – The details like transactions executed, bonus earned, penalties paid, earnings, withdrawals, and commission received can be viewed by the admin on a real-time basis. 
  • An integrated referral program – Loyalty programs are available to reward the users for promoting your platform to others. 
  • Trading bots – Users can automate their trading activities directly and outsmart their competitors through faster settlements. They can also improve their trading skills by exposing themselves to real-world conditions. 
  • APIs with the external exchanges – We have formed API’s with the leading crypto exchanges in the market like Binance and CoinDCX which ensures that users can buy or sell their desired cryptocurrency without the need to leave the platform. We have good tie-ups with a global pool of liquidity providers that facilitate secure and instant transactions. 
  • A dedicated investment module – Your earnings will be amplified by growing the returns fetched on your funds. The entire investment process is transparent and autonomous and smart contracts will independently drive all the transactions on the platform. 
  • Support for different kinds of plans – Keeping in mind the varied objectives of each investor, we have different plans like Unilevel, Binary, Hybrid, Matrix, and Working plan. 
  • A robust admin dashboard – Admin can keep full control over the functioning of the Cryptocurrency MLM software through the exclusive dashboard. He can monitor the activities of different members and the revenue generated through the marketing efforts done to the customers. 

Crypto MLM Software Users must Follow the Procedures

  • Determine the party to whom money has to transfer. 
  • The transaction will represented online in the form of a block. 
  • The block will publicly broadcasted to every party present on the network. 
  • The network will approve the transaction soon. 
  • The specific block will added to the existing blockchain network in a transparent and unalterable manner. 
  • The transaction will finally completed. 

Advantages offered by Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

  • Low fees – Since there is no middleman in the platform, unlike a traditional MLM, the user needs to pay only a small percent of fees for the profit margin sales
  • Faster execution of transactions – It overcomes the slowness of traditional payments as transactions processed quickly through the use of cryptocurrencies. 
  • No chance of frauds – Users can handle their investments securely in a zero-risk atmosphere. A high level of transparency ensures smooth business transactions on the platform. 
  • Constant track of revenue generation – The immutable blockchain network will track every transaction made on the platform and ensures that the revenue objectives set beforehand achieved comfortably. 
  • Security of the data of the users – All the data of the users stored in the secure blockchain network. The highest level security measures like an end to end encryption and two-factor authentication ensured. 

Hence, as seen above, the business environment is ripe to allocate resources for Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development. Hire our dedicated team of programmers and engineers and reach great heights in the industry soon.