Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Ecommerce Business

Getting your products in the eyes of your target customers and generating revenues is a daunting job. With the fact that grabbing traffic and acquiring leads is the biggest challenge of 63% of ecommerce businesses, you can’t rely on only one marketing tactic. Besides ranking your ecommerce website through organic means, you should also invest in some sort of paid advertising. As a store owner, you must familiarise yourself with “what is affiliate marketing and why it’s crucial for online stores”, what are the benefits of affiliate marketing, etc.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a process in which an affiliate promotes the products or services of a certain brand and receives the commission if the business achieves sales.

  • The term affiliate here means the person who utilizes his team and marketing skills to market certain products and services.
  • Many popular shopping brands utilize affiliate marketing for business growth. When done rightly, it offers benefits to both the affiliate marketer and the business.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Programs Pay-Outs

Direct Sales

It involves earning a commission from the traffic that drives the sale.


It involves getting the commission based on actions such as social media follows, email sign-ups, form submissions, etc.


In this program, an advertiser who wants to acquire huge traffic pays an affiliate on the basis of “cost-per-click”.

Some Facts about Affiliate Marketing

  • 81% of online shopping brands are involved in some sorts of affiliate marketing programs to promote their products and enhance their sales.
  • 40% of digital marketing experts say that affiliate marketing is their preferred marketing tactic.
  • The affiliate market is predicted to grow into a $6.8 billion industry by the end of 2020.  

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Online Shopping Brands

Here is a list of some of the most common affiliate marketing benefits for ecommerce businesses.

1.      Greater Exposure

Teaming up with an affiliate allows the ecommerce businesses to give their brands a big exposure in front of their target audience. This exposure helps to spread your brand awareness and help you to build a strong image. When your brand starts gaining a good name and credibility, you are more likely to acquire traffic and turn your one-time buyers into repeat customers.

2.      Third-Party Validation

It’s a fact that your customers trust someone else opinion about your products more than what you say by yourself. As affiliate marketing involves the advertising of products by a third party, this, in turn, gives the shopping brand the trust it needs to grab traffic and generate sales.

3.      Boost Traffic Speedily

Affiliate marketing, when combined with other digital marketing efforts enables the ecommerce businesses to scale their business with the speed of light. The more links you provide to your ecommerce website, the more you will get the chance to turn your site visitors into buyers. Having numerous reputable site links back to yours is a great way to boost your SEO ranking and grab more traffic towards your store.

4.      Expand Your Market

One of the prominent benefits of affiliate marketing is that it allows the ecommerce business to expand. Since affiliates are available in almost every niche, you are guaranteed to link with the relevant websites, irrespective of the industry you want to tap into. By partnering with them, you can easily magnify your market and reach where you have not entered yet. This enlargement gives your online shopping brands the strength to elevate and shine.

5.      Optimise Your SEO Ranking

Affiliate marketers publish your products or services on the website with higher domain authority. So, the customers who click on that product gets back to your website. All this ultimately leads to boost your search engine rankings and backlinks.

6.      Know Customers Insights

Using several affiliate tools such as Voluum, LinkTrust, AffTrack, and more, you can see where your users click, scroll, what they want and where are they buying from you, etc. This gives you an idea of the things that need improvements to meet your users’ needs more effectively. Additionally, by analysing the patterns of your customers’ behaviour, you are more likely to convert and retain your customers.

7.      Social Involvement

Last but not least benefits of affiliate marketing for ecommerce business is attracting customers by integrating with social networks. Most of the customers read reviews of a product on the social media page before buying a certain item, take advantage of it. By analysing the social platform on which your target audience lies largely, and attracting them through comments, testimonials, reviews, you can increase your sales astonishingly.

Bottom Line

Though the list of benefits of affiliate marketing for ecommerce business is vast, the blog has covered some of the major ones. Finally, to survive in today’s’ vast and complex ecommerce world, and compete with the top-performing traders, Affiliate marketing is the ideal way one can opt.

Happy Marketing!

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