Bathroom Remodeling Ideas On A Budget

Do you want to cut bathroom renovation cost without compromising on the aesthetic appeals? We have got you covered. We have just freed you up to revitalize your bathroom remodeling mission without ripping off the existing layout.

 A lot of people can’t imagine a remodeling project without a complete up-hauling and a budget lower than three-figure numbers. In reality, there are vast possibilities for the cheap best bathroom remodeling. Deflating the spiraling remodeling costs is easier than you think. It pays to think outside the box and work smartly.

Your search for economical alternatives starts from here.

1. Install Lower Cost Look-Alike Materials

Retaining and refacing your existing materials is always a great option for saving money. But if you must rip out the old materials, low-priced alternatives often can look like the real thing. For instance, instead of real hardwood plank flooring, try the more affordable luxury vinyl flooring.

Thanks to technological advancements, today’s vinyl flooring looks much better than its earlier iterations. Innovations such as plank vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring can even trick the eye from a distance.

 If you want to mimic the look of authentic natural stone, consider installing high-definition laminate countertops and quartz countertop. Faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tile backsplashes look like travertine and marble.

2. Refinish Or Spot Fix Your Bathroom Tub

Consider the total replacement of your bathtub to be your last possible option, at least from the budget standpoint. As an alternative, try refinishing or relining. Bathtub refinishing is a key example of the maxim “Repair and retain rather than remove.”

If the issue is mainly cosmetic, such as a yellowed surface and minor cracks, you can refinish your bathtub or shower at minimal costs. On the other hand, bathtub liners are not as cheap as they seem and are not a permanent fix. Liners requiring professional installation and will carry you through a few years. Instead, bathtub refinishing is much cheaper and looks far better.

There is also a cheaper alternative to bathtub refinishing and that is an entire tub surface touch-up. When your bathtub has peeling paint, nicks, and gouges, but you are not eager about the idea of refinishing, you can spot-fix the tub on your own.

3. Install Your Own Vanity Units

Thanks to innovative technologies, bathroom vanities and tops practically come assembled for you. If you have budget limitations, getting a customized vanity is never a good idea.

When you are remodeling a smaller bathroom, it is possible to buy nearly or fully assembled vanities bathrooms units and vanity tops. They can be installed in place within a couple of hours.

You can purchase coordinating counters that even have sinks fused into them. These units eliminating sink installation and caulking woes for a do it yourself or you get services from bathroom renovation service providers.

4. Invest Your Money In New Hardware And Faucets

Installing new bathroom cabinets can get pretty expensive. A far cheaper and easier way to bring life to your existing cabinets is to remove the old hardware and replace it with whimsical and stylish new hardware.

 To make it easier, make sure that its screw alignment matches up with the holes on your existing cabinets before you buy the new hardware. This eliminates the need to drill new holes into the cabinet doors and drawers.

As with installing new hardware, installing a new sink faucet is one fun trick designers that can be used to make a sink sparkle without replacing the entire vanity. Instill a new life into your makeup vanities without breaking your budget.

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