6 Amazing Ways To Relax At Your Next Eyelash Appointment!

6 Amazing Ways To Relax At Your Next Eyelash Appointment!

Any beauty treatment like eyelashes extensions can be a great time to relax! However, if you are a newbie or if you have an appointment at a new salon, relaxing and getting used to the environment might be a bit difficult for some. But how can you make it a relaxing experience? 

Well the best professional eyelash extensions service, Wisp Lashes has an array of services that makes your first time an experience of a lifetime that will make you come back for more! 

Getting comfortable

Services at Wisp Lashes not only focuses on quality lash care but also aims to provide an ambience for the clients to truly unwind and enjoy every bit of the appointment. However, it is always helpful if you are open with your stylist. If you have doubts or questions in general, you can ask your stylist to walk you through the entire procedure before starting the treatment. 

However, for a truly relaxing experience, make sure to ask for anything which will make you comfortable and they will make sure to provide it to you! 

Also, make sure to close your eyes at all times during the session. Peeping in between the appointment to check in on your phone or kids can make it an unpleasant experience! Make sure to call in a babysitter before coming in for your appointment or just leave your kids at the play arena at the salon! 

Be quiet

We know how much we love a little gossip session during our appointment! So do the stylists too! However, if you are looking to treat yourself with some amazing eyelashes extensions and a peaceful break, it is better to just stay quiet! 

You might probably be cringing about the thought! Well, no rule says you have to talk to your stylist! The choice is yours! If you feel asking questions would make you feel relaxed, go ahead or else just enjoy the peace and let the artist do their magic! 

No caffeine before the appointment

The sip of that perfect almond milk coffee from Starbucks or the daily dose of caffeine might help you get through the tiring day effortlessly, but when it’s time for some self-care, make sure to avoid drinking caffeine! Why? Well, caffeine excites the brain hence giving you that enormous spurt of energy to blast through the day! However, if you are looking to relax during your appointment, it is always recommended to avoid drinking caffeine products which will only help you to relax more easily. 

Wait! There’s more! Caffeine also acts as a stimulant that makes your eyes extremely restless and fluttery! This makes it difficult for your stylist to apply lashes and this might end up as a really bad job! 

Ask for some music

If relaxing to music is your thing, you got it at Wisp Lashes! The lash lounge offers headphones and other various ways to stream music or some soothing tunes which help the clients to unwind and feel laid back every time they come in for their appointment. You can also ask your stylist to play some soothing tune or even a song of your preference, they are happy to help! 

Choose a less stressful time

One can truly relax when they have no responsibility on their shoulders! Isn’t that right ladies? Booking for your eyelashes extensions is no exception! Booking for an appointment with less time window will only result in bad service and a whole new amount of stress. To avoid all of that, make sure to book your appointments during the weekends or the lunch break, or even after work on weekdays to completely let go of the stress and unwind. 

Virtual Detox

Believe it or not, we all can use some time-off of our phones every once in a while! But, given the current situation and work schedules, we just cannot make time! So, you can use your eyelash appointment as the perfect opportunity to turn off your phones and even get a quick nap or just relax without worrying about the useless social media notifications flooding in! This could be the perfect detox and a self-care opportunity you were dreaming of for a long time! 


Eyelash extension can be a great opportunity to feel relaxed and pampered! However, if you are wondering where to get this quality professional eyelash extensions service, Wisp Lashes is your one-stop destination for every eyelash need! Along with a quality service, they also ensure that you are having the time of your lives and feel as comfortable as possible whenever you come for your appointment!