6 Aftercare Skin Tips To Keep In Mind After A Facial Laser Treatment

After facial laser treatment, your skin gets super smooth and glowy but it can become sensitive too. To make sure that your newly treated skin doesn’t degrade, there are certain tips to add to your routine to ensure proper aftercare. These tips include the basic skincare routine that will prevent your skin from getting skin-related problems like acne, spots, wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines again and also protect you from skin tanning. Before implementing these tips for your skin you should consult a dermatologist or contact a skin specialist doctor online who can help you with proper tips to maintain your skin after the laser treatment.

Moisture your skin and use SPF

Your facial skin is more sensitive than the skin in any other area. When the laser touches your skin directly it might cause a little irritation and become sensitive. This makes it crucial to hydrate with the right kind of moisturizer and protect your face from sun damage.

Make sure you are using a good moisturizer and a minimum of SPF40 every time you step out of the house.  You might notice some swelling and redness after laser face treatment which is common especially after ablative treatments.

To reduce this,use cold compresses like ice packs and petroleum jelly moisturizers. This will minimize redness and soothe the irritated skin.

Use Vitamin C Serum

Environment stressors like sunlight and air pollution are a great threat after a face treatment. It can dull your face complexion and dehydrate your skin and develop fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Apply vitamin C Serum on your skin which will boost collagen production and battle wrinkles and damaging free radicals.

Optimize the benefits of the natural preventive measures you can take without spending a penny. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

Drinking water will flush out all the toxins and keep your body healthy which will enhance the complexion of the skin. Proper hydration allows the skin cells to function effectively, absorb a good amount of nutrients, eliminate toxins quickly and maintain post-facial gleam.

Do not forget to add juicy fruits and vegetables to your diet because the vitamins present in them can highly benefit your skin.

Avoid harsh products

After the laser skin treatment, distance yourself from products for a short period of time. These include makeup, toners, chemical-based exfoliators, face scrubs, and facial oils. Also, do not pick or touch your skin a lot. Stay away from any chemical exfoliate or physical exfoliants. Since your skin is already sensitive from the treatment, these chemical exfoliants will trigger your skin even more.

Resist going for a jog, workout, sunbath, and steam bath. All these activities bring sweat and itchiness to your newly rejuvenated skin the moment your face is exposed to heat. Stay indoors for at least 2 weeks because your pores are open and susceptible to more bacteria.

A good dermatologist in Ahmedabad will give you proper instructions that you’ll have to follow for the after care of your skin treatment. Make sure you are doing as instructed by your dermatologist otherwise there could be unwanted complications.  

Apart from what your doctor has suggested, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips for a quick recovery from any redness or rashes on your skin.

Your doctor might suggest some over the counter creams that are ideal to keep things under control. If you are looking for a skin specialist in vastrapur then make sure you book an appointment at The Skin Artistry.

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