5 Advantages of Long Term Rental

Modern entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to lease their company vehicles for the long term rather than buy them. Why? Here are 5 advantages of long-term car rental.

There are many advantages associated with this choice and here we want to analyze the five main ones and plumb the pros that are encountered in this decision that most of the time is certainly happy.

1. You know how much you spend

An owned car, contrary to what one might think, is not an asset in the economic sense of the term. In other words, owning a car doesn’t get money into your wallet, but it does make you spend money on maintaining it . Furthermore, the expenses it requires are never fixed. In fact, although the instalment may be monthly, there is always some problem that arises along the way, making the vehicle a sort of negative question mark in the monthly budget. On the other hand, a long-term rented vehicle represents a certain expense, which leaves nothing to chance: once the price is fixed, there will be no unexpected changes.

2. The devaluation does not concern you

Like all tangible goods, once purchased they can never be resold at the same price. This fact is determined by the devaluation, which is inevitable. If the car is owned, this represents an additional factor of loss, because it will not be easy to obtain an important figure when you want to switch to another vehicle. On the contrary, car rental for companies and professionals allows you to switch from one model to another without the fear of finding yourself with an asset that you cannot sell or for which you have spent more than you should.

3. You always have a new car at your disposal

An owned car follows the classic material course, consisting of the three phases “new”, “used”, “old”. With the passage of time the course of the vehicle along this road is inevitable. On the other hand, with a long-term rental, you always have the possibility of switching to a new model, potentially driving a vehicle in perfect condition every day.

4. Solutions for every need

Ownership is one and generally follows the market on the day of purchase, offering a limited range of solutions. By renting a car, on the other hand, you can choose the options to be included, manage the rental period at will and set the price according to the customer’s needs. In short, long-term rental is a tailor-made construction and can be organized much more effectively than a purchase. Plus, finding a perfect solution for your needs doesn’t take long. In fact, both the paperwork and the actual delivery of the vehicles take place in a short time and the customer is immediately ready to drive their rental vehicle both in Italy and abroad.

5. Quick and easy returns

Once the rental period is over, you can choose whether to renew or terminate the practice. All this does not involve a great deal of time, on the contrary it is an extremely fast and easy process. Just go to the agency and sign a report, on which to make the kilometers travelled and any damage not present at the beginning. The condition of the treads of the tires will be checked and if they are excessively worn, they will be replaced at the renter’s expense. Once the delivery has been made, there is always the possibility to switch to another model; some agencies even allow you to buy the previously rented vehicle at an affordable price, should you decide to take this leap.

In conclusion, it can be said that long-term rental is a great way to save money and drive a car in excellent condition. The versatility of the many solutions proposed means that this type of acquisition of cars and other company vehicles is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive market and that entrepreneurs believe with good reason to make a better investment by choosing this solution.

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