Your Online Store May Need a Shopify SEO Expert

What are the benefits of hiring a Shopify SEO expert and does your store really need one? You may have asked yourself these questions already during the course of setting up your Shopify store, and you need some definitive answers. The success of your online business depends on whether or not you are implementing your SEO properly or not.

Search engine optimization used to be fairly simple but has since burgeoned into a science all its own. Given the hundreds of ranking factors that Google takes into consideration and the wide range of different skills and technical knowledge you need in order to properly adhere to said factors, addressing SEO has become quite the task.

SEO campaigns now require a true professional touch if you want them executed with precision. Add to the fact that in the world of eCommerce, you need a lot more than just a few decent keywords in order to rank due to how competitive most industries are. If you intend on ranking your Shopify store, you will need to deep dive into your keyword research and generation well-written, engaging content, as well as implement various technical optimizations to ensure you are meeting Google’s criteria.

What if Your Store Already Ranks?
If your Shopify store already appears in the search results, that’s great. But what are you doing to future-proof your business and ensure that those rankings hold? More businesses are popping up every day that are trying the hardest to get to the top spots in Google. Are your page rankings due to pure chance? Then it is likely that your rankings are going to fade, especially as Google continues to change their algorithm in favor of highly optimized websites that offer a superior user experience.

This is where a Shopify SEO expert becomes something of a necessity if you intend on solidifying your place in the search results and making sure your income isn’t disturbed. When it comes to staying the course with SEO, you can’t afford to take chances or rest on your laurels. Your Shopify website may be thriving and even by rather popular, but even mega-popular successful websites took massive hits earlier this year during the May 2020 Google update.

Google is concerned with one thing and one thing only: serving content to its users that answers their questions and addresses their needs as best as possible. The only way customers will trust their services is if they continue to refine their algorithm so that only the cream rises to the top every year. If you ignore SEO best practices, your website is going to fall behind eventually, and that’s when the organic traffic to your store will dry up.

If you don’t want to find yourself in this kind of situation and want to do what you can to secure your place in the SERPs, you need a true eCommerce expert that can craft an SEO campaign for you that will produce results year after year. Genius eCommerce® is the agency for you if success online is your primary concern.

No other agency knows eCommerce SEO to such a high degree as Genius eCommerce®. Their team of SEO gurus understand what it takes to rank online stores even in the most competitive markets, and will use their skills and know-how to build a path for your business that leads to prosperity. If you are interested in their Shopify services, you are going to want to reach out to their team at 888.982.8269 and they will help put a plan together for you that fits your needs. 

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