Your Favourite Fairy Tales Ruined

Almost every kid grows up reading fairy tales because the world is fantastical that intrigues young minds. Even now most of us long for amazing books that can make us forget reality for a short time and we use it as escapism to delve into the wonderland.

However, what happens when our fairytales turn into something disturbing and gory. Now Write My Essay service knows that some of you were interested in decoding theories of cartoons as a kid and your YouTube searches were filled with the term dark side of many plots.

If you’re still into it, then we have a list for you that will take you to a horrible world of fairytales and expose the realities that were sugar-coated throughout your childhood.

Beauty and the Beast

Now we have all grown up loving this Disney classic but do you know that the reality was remarkably different from the one portrayed by the studio. They did it to tone down the truth, but in fact, Beauty’s dad was a bankrupt merchant.

Though the actual narration by de Beaumont also ends happily where Belle’s love brings back the Prince, some critics say that in reality, the story ends at Belle weeping for Beast’s death.


This might come as a shock to many of you because the word has become a part of everyone’s vocabulary since it was released. Any girl who has to endure the torture from her family and lives silently is termed Cinderella, but the reality of her magic was far from reality.

Most of us are familiar with the glass slippers of Cinderella that only fit her feet and resulted in her finding her Prince charming. However, in reality, the sandals are made of squirrel fur. Now when the Prince sets out to find his true love, the evil sisters from Cinderella cut off parts of their foot to fit into the shoe and it is only through divine interception of doves that the Prince realizes that their feet are bleeding due to that.

The doves that communicate this message to the Prince also pick out the eyes of the sisters as revenge thus allowing poetic justice to be served. This is not the kind of tale that you teach your kids, so it has been sanitized into the version we have all heard.

The Princess and the Frog

The famous tale of the curse being broken when the princess kisses the frog, which brings it back to the original handsome prince form is diluted. Some experts say that the kiss never takes place and one day, the arrogant and slightly disgusted princess flings the frog to the wall, and that is the result of his transformation.

Others claim that this is not true either and one day, a frog asks the princess to sleep on the same pillow, and she allows it to sit somewhat reluctantly. In the morning the animal turns into a prince and then they both get married. So this is a far less sentimental and romantic version than the modern adaptations.

The original versions tell us that reality is often far more disappointing than the things we see on the television usually.

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