You Can Do Much More with an Apple Butter

A sweetly spiced apple butter will take you back to the last fall in no time. Buy apple butter online or from a grocery store to remember the crisp memories of your childhood when your house used to smell a lot like autumn. Not only is the apple butter super delicious but also packed with vitamins and minerals to improve your health.

While we would be happy to replace jam with apple butter, its applications do not end with bread. Apple butter is a perfect ingredient to be mixed with braising liquids, marinades, or glazes. Its bittersweet taste adds the right amount of acidity and complexity to any meat dish.

Dishes Involving Apple Butter You Would Not Have Known Before

Apple butter is no longer limited to toast and sandwiches. A wide range of dishes can use an adequate amount of apple butter to present a unique taste profile. Due to its acidity and bittersweetness, it can be a great substitute in many mouth-watering dishes. We have compiled the most iconic ways in which apple butter can be used.

A Great Replacement of Pizza Sauce

Yes, you read it right! Apple butter does wonder when putting on a pizza instead of pizza sauce. Since it is bittersweet and thick, it makes a perfect candidate. Go ahead and add pepperoni, mozzarella, or any other ingredient of your liking. Bon appetite!

Perfect Sauce for Pancakes and Waffles

Who needs maple syrup when you have apple butter? Since it is rich in vitamins and minerals, you can start your day with a healthy meal. Stack all of your pancakes and enjoy a delicious dish for every family gathering.

You can even go for double trouble with pancakes and maple syrup.

Sweet Puree for Your Next Pumpkin Pie

There is a new pie in the town to steal the show. For this holiday dish, thicker apple butter will go a long way. Coming out as a winner, apple butter works perfectly as a puree for pumpkin pies giving it creamy, acidic texture. A pleasant holiday surprise, indeed!

With Cheese Please

While most people enjoy the combination of peanut butter and jelly, they do not realize how mouth-watering this combination could be. Pick your favorite kind of cheese, the more, the merrier. It works for soft cheese, like brie, as well as for hard cheese like cheddar or aged gouda cheese. Set the cheese in a small bowl and pour the sweet thick apple butter.

Works Fine with Roasted Veggies as well

Who does not enjoy a perfectly glazed meal? Whether it is chicken or your next batch of roasted veggies, apple goodness will be kind enough to offer it a shiny glaze. Like before, the addition of maple syrup will be a great combo as well. But ensure to add them once the dish is thoroughly cooked, as not to burn it.

Enjoy Apple Butter Coated Burgers

It is about time that we start to replace the plain old ketchup with something new and exciting. People who love to enjoy adventurous food experiences will appreciate this application of apple butter. Nicely brush it on the pork tenderloin during the last few minutes of your cooking, so it could quickly melt and caramelize your meat adequately, without burning it.

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