Wooden Shutters Surbiton or blinds- a better choice?

It wouldn’t be surprising to tell that window covering you select for your house plays an important role. The style, general aesthetics, and even the window’s functionality are affected by the type of window covering you use. Planting shutters and blinds are the two most common window treatments or covering used. Given this, there is a reason why you should be keen to select the right options. Every choice has its own set of Pros and cons! If you want to know which covering is good for you then take a look at all the details in this article and then make a wise decision.

Plantation shutters

Wooden shutters Surbiton are normally attached to form a very sturdy structure. The biggest difference between shutters and blinds is how they are built into your frame. There are a few advantages of opting wooden shutters, see the below analysis;


  • It is versatile and flexible regardless of any style of your home, it adds a stylish, timeless appeal.
  • These are very durable and can last up to 50 years with proper care.
  • They add value to your home because of their structure and fit.
  • They fit flawlessly to the window frame without any cords or chains that can be a danger to children.
  • When it comes to weather fluctuation, wooden shutters Surbiton proves to be good protection for home insulation.
  • As mentioned before that Shutters have high durability and they are not easily worn out therefore they need very little maintenance in this respect.
  • you can find a vast variety of shutters in the market including PVC, wood and faux wood
  • They are proven to be best for ventilation and light control in the house.


  • As far as initial purchasing costs are concerned, shutters are more expensive than blind.
  • They are heavy in built and may not fit in certain window types and designs.
  • Shutters take up more space compared to blinds.
  • It takes more time to install shutters in comparison to blinds.


As mentioned above, blinds are mostly installed above or inside the window recess. Chords and chains are used to operate them. Blinds are popular amongst homeowners and here are some reasons why;


  • Blinds are much more affordable in comparison to shutters.
  • They are more flexible with the design, style, and color of any home.
  • Blinds are made with a range of materials, including PVC that is suitable for every setting.
  • They can be adjusted to optimal light control in your house.
  • You can even supply your home with some level of insulation


  • It is harder to clean and repair them in comparison to shutters.
  • Moisture and UV rays can easily damage blinds.
  • Blinds need to be replaced quickly than shutters as they last up to 5 years only.
  • These are not as detailed as shutters.

What is the best choice for your house?

There is no particular answer to this problem. Some homeowners may give preference to wooden shutters Surbiton because of its huge benefits. For some people, a shutter may be too much in the pocket and prefer to buy blinds. Blinds and shutters both make a nice window covering. All you have to do is go through all the pros and cons and consider the best choice for you.

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