Wonderful Sightseeing Alternatives of Lleida

Lleida is usually a province positioned at Catalan Pyrenees using a capital situated in Segre valley. There is the excellent blend of old and new buildings here which give an fascinating view from the place.

Fascinating locations of check out

The historical pieces include the old cathedral on a hill, right in city centre with La Zuda’s ruins, which can be the Aragon kings’ palace. These sites are preserved and protected by the nation, reflecting the eventful history of this place.

You’ll find cathedrals galore that are Neo structures, exhibiting elegance, despite the age of time for example La Sang, Sant Marti and Sant Lloren churches. The city hall, La Paheria and Lleida castle are worthy of the visits. An old hospital, a sizable Gothic-style museum and monuments cast with Iberian warriors’ struggle against Roman conquest and stand firm and memorable.

The province offers lots of locations worthy of check out, for example a 1351 bridge which has 7 arches with Santa Marta above on the hill, Santo Domingo Convent as well as a castle. There’s also an elaborately decorated square, El Mercadal.

The capital of La Segarra area is Cervera, which houses an old and huge university having a quaint Baroque sort portal, and Sant Maria Church, that is of Romanesque and Goth influence. The capital’s Town Hall as well as Sant Pere Gros church (positioned on circular ground), are fascinating sights for any visitor to behold; as does Santa Magdalena’s Gothic ruins.

Cervera offers splendid Roman and Iberian ceramics pieces, astounding Gothic imagery and panels, which are identified in its museum together with Borjes Blanques and Urgel canal that has fruit trees, almond trees and olive groves all about.

Solsona is correct inside the middle of Cardener and Segre, which has a 1593 Episcopal cathedral of Romanesque influence showcasing a superb Baroque-style façade. Right here you might come across the intriguing Diocesan Museum with nearby churches and quaint villages, like El Miracle sanctuary and Olius village.

La Seu d’Urgell is situated at the meeting point of Segre and Valira Rivers, correct in the province’s north. Its amazing 11th century Romanesque cathedral constructing is breath-taking. You will find plenty of quaint churches and museums to explore here.

North Lleida has extraordinary scenery and locations of interest to thrill any visitor, including Viella skiing centre at Aran valley. Viella is also the capital. There are plenty of impressive churches of Romanesque architecture in Boi Valley as well.

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