Window Treatments for Triangle, Angle Top and Angle Bottom Windows

In many homes, cathedral style windows, located just below the roof line exist. These are angle bottom windows and covering them is often a challenge. Some people leave such windows uncovered but that is a problem due to lack of privacy and added heat and glare in the room. There are great collections of custom made window treatments for such angle top windows that fit their non-standard shapes.

  • Vertical Blinds to Cover Angle Top Windows

Do you have sloped windows from ceiling to floor? If so, vertical blinds are the perfect solution! Vanes are to be opened at the highest points of such windows. There is a pull cord for operating these blinds so that you do not have to experience the stress of pulling the vanes and the blinds can be positioned in exactly the way you want. One advantage of having this custom made window treatment is that they are easily adjustable for light control.

  • Cellular Shading for Covering Angle Top Windows

Have an odd shaped window in your house? Use cellular shades for giving it a modern look and added privacy. Windows that allow lots of heat into a space can be covered up with cellular shadings as it traps air and properly insulates a space. There are double cell and single cell shades according to the degree of insulation. Cellular shades also come in blackout or light filtering fabrics. This allows buyers the ability to choose the exact amount of light they want inside a space.

These cellular shadings operate only in the straight portion of the window while the angled portion remains stationary. Angle bottom shadings lower from top down and angle top shadings raise from bottom up. What, if the angle top window is out of reach and located at a high position? Not to worry! This custom made window treatment can be provided with an extra long cord to ensure easy operation. If you have a triangle shaped window, you can buy stationary cellular shades.

  • Mini Blinds to Cover Angle Top Window

Did you know there are horizontal slats for  triangular windows? Just like vertical blinds, these blinds are also easily adjustable for light control giving you the ability to change the light all through the day. This custom made window treatment is quite durable and perfectly fits modern decorations or commercial space.

Odd shaped windows have an array of custom made window treatment solutions. Pick the treatment that best fits your room’s existing decoration style.

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