WiFi Connected But No Internet Access (Solution)

Purchasing and setting up a wired or wireless connection at home is pretty straightforward. By subscribing to services such as Spectrum internet in El Paso, you can enjoy unlimited streaming and gaming session like Mabinogi Mobile with your friends. But sometimes, even after subscribing to a great Internet plan, the Internet might not work. There can be many reasons for this problem. Read on to explore these issues and their solutions in detail.    

How to Diagnose the Issue?

After you’ve set up Wi-Fi at home, the Internet might still not work. There can be scenarios:

  • The Internet is not working on a single device
  • It is not working on any of the devices

Connect several devices at your home with the network to better understand the problem. If you are not able to connect only one device to the Internet, then there might be a problem with the broadband adapter. If, however, you are not able to connect the Internet on multiple devices, then there might be a problem with your Internet devices.  

If One System Can’t Connect to the Internet

In case, your laptop or PC is not able to connect to the Internet, then there are a number of ways you can resolve this issue.

DNS Issue

Sometimes, a DNS issue might be the big culprit. You can resolve this issue in three ways.

If You’re the Admin

  1. Open the Run box
  2. Enter this address ‘ipconfig /flushdns’
  3. Press the ‘Enter’ key

These steps will discard all the existing DNS inscriptions. So, your device won’t be able to gain information from the old addresses. In their absence, your system will have to seek a new address directly from the server.  

If You Are Not the Admin

If this is the case, then you’ll have to operate the above-mentioned process as an admin. You can do so by choosing the admin command while opening the run box.

Configure a Stable DNS Server

If the above two solutions haven’t worked for you, you might need to set up a stable DNS server. Doing so will allow your device to detect only that server. This doesn’t imply that you won’t be able to use other broadband networks. It just means that for your particular network, your device will only seek a particular server. Follow these steps to set up a stable server:

  1. Open the ‘Network Settings’ on your device
  2. Now search for your network
  3. Check its properties
  4. Set up the Internet protocol as ‘TCP/IPv4’
  5. Select the DNS server ‘’
  6. If it is another one, then choose ‘’
  7. Confirm these settings

After setting up a stable DNS server, your device will have Internet access. If it still doesn’t, then there could be other problems.  

Outdated Drivers

Sometimes, old drivers can create a big problem. To resolve the driver issues, you’ll have to update it. Just search for device settings on your device. After that, navigate to ‘Network adapters.’ Find yours and update it. Doing so will make your driver compatible with the new windows version.    

Outdated IP Address

As a last resort, you should reestablish your IP address. You can also seek a new IP address from your Internet device. To do so, you can restart your laptop/PC. If the issue still persists, you can type and run this command ‘netsh int ip reset’ in the command box. After that, restart your device and recheck your Internet connection. These solutions should fix the network issue on your device. If they still haven’t helped, you should seek customer support.

If Multiple System Can’t Connect to the Internet

If you can’t access the Internet on several devices, you should opt for these solutions:

Restarting the Equipment

This is the easiest and most effective solution to make your network work. Just find the restart button on the back of your router/modem. Press it twice and wait for a few minutes. Check your Internet connection. If that is not possible, you can go to your ISP’s website and reboot your device.


Sometimes using the ‘Troubleshoot’ option on your device can also help you to find network-related issues. The system can automatically detect and fix issues. If it fails to fix the issues, you can still inform your ISP regarding the nature of the issue.  

Use a Different Mode

If you are using an outdated broadband card, then you can encounter this problem. You can change the mode to fix this issue. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open the ‘wireless settings’ on your device
  2. Search for the ‘Mode’ option
  3. Choose any of these modes ‘802.11 b’ or ‘802.11 g’
  4. Select ‘OK’
  5. Reboot your device

Seek Customer Support

If none of these solutions have worked for you, you should seek customer support immediately.

It might be the case that you have subscribed to services like Spectrum specials and the offer period has ended. That is why you might not be able to access the Internet. So, you can inquire about other offers from your ISP’s representative to enjoy high-speed Internet again.

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