Why You Should Use A Public Cloud Server [Ultimate Guide]

Using public cloud servers comes with various good points that include speed and cost. 

The term “public cloud server” means a cloud server used by more than one user. Every user will receive an isolated slice of the cloud; in the meantime, other users will share the resources of the entire cloud stack. 

Each user will receive a certain amount of resources that vary depending on the selected cloud hosting plan. The resources range from servers that were designed specifically for small business websites to other large scale platforms that are capable of hosting millions of users at the same time. 

Nowadays, the most important thing when it comes to data is to back it up on a cloud server for the best security you can get. The question that comes into your mind into this moment is: public cloud server or a private one? 

In the following lines, we will discuss public cloud servers and the good points of one cloud server over another. 

Let’s see some important points. 

Scalable Resources

The good main point of a public cloud server is deploying a new server in an instant and immediately scale resources. The user also has the option to use a brand new server in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that a dedicated server will take not less than 24 hours to provision and only has a finite amount of resources, while the public cloud server comes with no restrictions and superior speed. 

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The public cloud server will come with a less cost that the private counterpart. 

Why it costs less? Because it’s used by multiple users that pay for their part. Another good point is that the cost of maintaining the server components is lower for each user. 

Less Disruption

Because public cloud servers use so many resources, they don’t usually get affected by “hiccups” in the system. Each component is redundantly designed for optimal uptime. We offer each user an amount of 100% uptime guarantee on the cloud platform. 


You should know that public cloud servers don’t require the user to access the services in a specific location. As long as the user has Internet access, he can access the cloud system for his needs. 

Due to the simplicity of use, value, and reliability, public cloud servers have become one of the most popular options. You can find the perfect fit for your needs here: www.servermania.com/cloud-hosting.htm

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