Why You Should Hire Pool Table Movers for shifting of your Pool Table

A pool table is a great means of enjoyment whether alone or with friends. A pool table is not just a piece of furniture, it brings friends and family together.

Once you’ve decided to pack and move to a new place with the help of Packers and Movers Ghaziabad, you need to make special arrangements to get your pool table shifted. People who have never played the pool may find the task of displacing the pool daunting. When trying to displace it on their own, they may live in constant fear of breaking it or losing any part of it. However, delegating this task to a professional can make this task look easy.

When do you need to hire a professional mover?

Packing and moving is a complicated task. When it comes to shiting the entire pool table setup, this task becomes even more challenging. You not only have to shift the parts of the setup, but you also have to make sure that all the parts when rearranged at the destination work perfectly. A small mistake or mismanagement can cost the working or the grace of the pool table.

Even if you’re confident you’ll do a great job, there are a variety of factors that you need to mind while shifting. These factors include the size of the room you’re moving it to, the vehicle to be used for transportation, and the structure of the pool table plays a crucial role in the shifting process.

Moving high-value items like artwork, pianos, and pool tables require delicate movement and care while transportation. Without professional help, it’s impossible to fees them into the risky process of transportation. That’s why it is suggested to take the services of top 5 Packers and Movers in Faridabad. Even if you have a budget constraint, you should reduce the expenditure in other sectors like optimizing your packing and traversing the shortest route. As far as shifting the pool table setup is concerned, you can’t compromise with the expertise to handle it.

If you try to take the gamble of moving the setup on your own, any loss or damage to the pool setup will be irrecoverable. On the other side, the pool table relocating companies provide you the facility of an insurance claim to recover the monetary value of the lost assets for the damage done by their negligence.

If you hire a pool table movers, there are a few things to expect

1) The movers will conduct a short questionnaire to know about your pool table and to give you the most accurate quote. Usually, the movers are interested to know the table’s model, age, and whether or not it needs to be moved up or downstairs. Furnish the information about the availability of elevator and escalator facilities at the source and destination and whether they have enough room for the pool set up to pass through.

2) The normal convention for charging the cost of shifting is by the hour for short-distance moves. For relocating to long-distance, you’ll be charged based on the weight of your table and how far away you’re moving. It’s always advisable to confirm the details of the price with the service providers.

Irrespective of how you move, it is highly advised that you hire pool table movers. Shifting a pool table involves a series of steps. Even if you put all your efforts, there are still some chances of you mishandling it. Professional movers in Ghaziabad have experience with these kinds of jobs. They also have all the tools and skills necessary to handle them. However, if you have made your mind to do it on your own, the following tips are really important for you to consider.

What do you need to know before moving the pool table by yourself?

Before you engage in moving your pool table, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Plan so moving the table is as easy as possible. Here’s what you need to do:

Procure the necessary tools

Pool tables are made of multiple pieces assembled. They can be dismantled into constituent parts. The kinds of tools you need depend on the kind of pool table you have, but, generally, you’ll need baggies, labels, staple remover, staple gun, drill, wrench, screwdriver, packing tape, moving tarps, and other protective materials.

Identify the type of your pool table

The design of your pool table decides how to take it apart. However, it’s most likely that you have one of the following in your home:

1) Slate pool table: it’s a simpler version of the pool table having a felt stretched over a slate.

2) Mechanical pool table: This kind of pool table has a complex design. It has a mechanical component in it having the functionality of collecting coins or recovering balls that fall into the pockets. Handling these parts requires expertise. It’s recommended that you take the help of a professional.

Label the individual parts

The pool table consists of sophisticated parts. As you are disassembling the pool table, keep all the pieces together and label them clearly. You would like to draw the labeled diagram on a piece of paper for better memory of the locations of the pieces. It would help you figure out the parts during the reassembly and avoid confusion.

Take help from your friends

Shifting a pool requires effort and care. It’s always good if you ask your friends, family, and neighbors to assist you in shifting your pool table. Since the dismantled pool table has several parts, a team of people would better handle it rather than an individual alone. Unless all the legs of the pool table are intact, it needs constant support by holding it. Trying to assemble or disassemble the pool table all alone can lead to the collapsing of the table.

Take measurements of the room

The measurement of the room where you want to keep your pool table should always be the first step. All your efforts may end up being futile if the room falls short to accommodate the pool table leaving sufficient area for the players to maneuver. You can use a pen and paper to better figure out the area of the room and the positioning of the pool table.

Disassemble the pool table

Taking a pool table apart is an essential requirement for moving it successfully. Thus, you have to be patient and dismantle the pool table with care. The advantage of moving a disassembled table is that it minimizes the chances of someone getting hurt or the table being damaged in the moving process.
How to dismantle a pool table
Taking the table apart without a professional’s assistance can be a difficult task. Since you’re not hiring pool table movers, ensure that you have sufficient time and have watched a couple of helpful videos online to get you through the dismantling task.

For a slate pool table, follow the steps below to take it apart

1) Remove the pockets on all four corners
2) Take off the railing
3) Remove the felt
4) Remove the slates
5) Take apart the frame, and you’re done!

Moving a mechanical table is a slightly complex task but it’s quite similar to the slate pool table.

1) Take off the legs and rails
2) Follow the steps for the slate pool table to disassemble the rest.
3) What about the mechanical parts inside? It’s not a matter of concern as the mechanical parts are already safe inside the pool table. Unless you try to take the table apart fully, you will not require a professional to dismantle it.

Once you have a completely disassembled pool table, the further steps become easy. Moreover, now have less chance of hurting yourself during the shifting.

How to move a dismantled pool table?

Pool table movers have the necessary equipment to keep the large items secure during transportation. The pool table consists of small and large pieces, thus, it’s a difficult task to fit everything into a van and would take multiple round trips to move everything.

The traffic vibrations and jerks can damage your pool table. So, you need to protect all your pool table parts during the journey. Don’t leave any piece loose and aloof. Bind together pieces of one kind and secure them with tape. Choose the route with minimum speed-breakers and traffic to cause minimum quakes to the slate.

Setting up the pool table

Now the time comes to move your table into your new home. The dismantled individual parts have better mobility than the assembled pool table. Once you manage to take your pool table to its designated room, reassembling is just the reverse of taking the table apart. Avoid rubbing or friction over the felt as it can erode it. Aside from tearing, you also don’t want to extend it out when you’re reapplying. Make sure that the felt is stretched tightly across the table, but if it’s stretched too far in one direction you could end up with some bumps on the pool surface.

Conclusion: The debate goes on over the pros and cons of hiring a professional pool table mover. However, we can say that the pros significantly outweigh the cons. Since pool table relocation is a specialized niche under packing and moving, it is comparatively costly. That could be the only downside of hiring a professional. But, at the end of the day, they put all their effort to ensure you keep enjoying playing the pool at your new house.

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