Why You Should Get a Goodman 2 Stage Furnace

Nobody wants to be left without a heating method for their home during the winter months. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a heating system. You’ll want an option that is reliable, environmentally friendly, affordable, and can keep your house at a comfortable temperature all year long. One of the most common ways that people heat their homes is with a furnace. This is an excellent way to warm up your home You can choose between either a single-stage or a double stage furnace. You will also want to pick out a trustworthy and proven brand.

Here’s what you need to know about single stage furnaces and 2 stage furnaces. A single stage furnace has a fixed gas valve and a single-speed blower motor. This means that the furnace only has two modes of operation. It is either on and actively heating your home at full capacity or it is off completely. A 2 stage furnace has a 2 stage gas valve and a variable-speed blower. This means that the furnace can run at a lower temperature in milder weather and a higher temperature when needed in colder conditions.

The flexibility of a 2 stage gives it the advantage over a single stage and that is why we recommend a Goodman 2 stage furnace. If you decide to go this route then there are a few things you should be aware of before making your purchase.

What to Look For in a 2 Stage Furnace?

When looking to buy a 2 stage furnace there are a few important things to take note of. Firstly, you will have to decide whether you would prefer natural gas or propane. Propane is actually one of the four gasses that make up natural gas. Natural gas contains propane, butane, ethane, and methane. Going purely with propane may cost you slightly more money initially but it generally delivers more BTUs for your dollars than natural gas does.

Another question that you will need to be prepared to answer is whether you want an upflow or downflow furnace. An upflow furnace simply means that the air enters the furnace from the bottom. It gets heated and flows upward into the ductwork of your home. As you may imagine, a downflow furnace does the opposite. The air flows into the furnace from the top and flows down into your home. To figure out which is best for you, you’ll need to know the placement of the installation.

Some other things to consider are if you want to add a germicidal UV light or an equipment pad. You also should know what kind of thermostat you want. Adding a UV light can help reduce bacteria and viruses. Having an equipment pad (also known as a condenser pad) below the furnace will make it sturdy and secure it in place.

Lastly, when it comes to the thermostat for your Goodman 2 Stage Furnace, there are several options to choose from. It usually, automatically comes with free basic non-programmable option. You could always upgrade to a programmable thermostat or even a wifi-enabled thermostat.

Why Goodman?

Goodman Manufacturing Company has been in business for over 45 years and has come to be known for their high quality products at reasonably low prices. Their products are engineered to be long lasting and they have some of the lowest failure rates in the industry.

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